International Studies


Given the interdisciplinary and flexible nature of our program, our faculty reside in various departments. The following periodically teach some of our core courses. To view details about their background and contact information, please visit their respective department’s page.

Lucia Carter
Associate Professor of History
Department: History, International Studies
Office:  Cornwell 320
P.O. Box:  6662
Phone:  (828) 689-1199
Grainger Caudle
Professor of Business
Senior Director of Planning and Strategy
Department: Business, International Studies
Office:  Day 313
P.O. Box:  6731
Phone:  (828) 689-1127
John Gripentrog
Professor of History & Program Coordinator
Department: History, International Studies
Office:  Cornwell 319
P.O. Box:  6748
Phone:  (828) 689-1116
Heather Hawn
Associate Professor Political Science
Department: International Studies, Political Science
Office:  Founders 110
P.O. Box:  6662
Phone:  (828) 689-1335
Gordon Hinners
Associate Professor of Spanish
Coordinator of International Education and Programming
MFL Program Coordinator
Department: International Studies, MFL
Office:  Cornwell 313
P.O. Box:  6662
Phone:  (828) 689-1208
Marc Mullinax
Professor of Religion & Philosophy
Department: Appalachian Studies, International Studies, Religion & Philosophy
Office:  Cornwell 221
P.O. Box:  6763
Phone:  (828) 689-1216
Phyllis Smith
Professor of History
Department: History, International Studies
Office:  Cornwell 217
P.O. Box:  6764
Phone:  (828) 689-1133