Department of Art

Department of Art

The Art Department’s purposes are:

  • to provide art majors, teacher licensure and art minors with engaging educational experiences designed to prepare them for a variety of professional careers and continued learning in the arts
  • to provide learning experiences in art to all students for general education and elective credit which promote creativity, individual aesthetic awareness, and knowledge of the roles art plays in our culture
  • to provide opportunities through partnerships such as Mars Hill University’s Weizenblatt Gallery for cultural enrichment and growth for all members of the college community by encouraging active participation in the art world as a meaningful way to embody the unique spiritual and human values inherent in the arts

Join Us for Fine Arts Fridays via Zoom. We will explore the different Fine Arts programs we offer. We will start with a presentation about each program, and close out with a time for questions. For Art/Visual Art, join us on

– Friday, February 5th – Art/Visual Art

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  • Art History
  • Art/Graphic Design
  • Art Studio