Blue Ridge OLD-Time Music Week

It is with a heavy heart that we post that Helen White passed away on October 14th. We at MHU will miss her very much. She was a huge part of the wonderful spirit in old-time music on our campus.  Our condolences to Wayne Henderson, her family and below is a link to her information.


June 7-13, 2020: 29th Annual Blue Ridge Old-Time Music Week

Registration will  open , December 1st, 2019

Confirmed 2020 Instructors: class descriptions to be announced later .


Advanced : David Bragger and Susan Platz

Fiddle Blues and Rags: Mick Kinney

Intermediate: Rachel Eddy

Early Intermediate: Tricia Spencer


Advanced: Riley Baugus

Intermediate: Hilary Dirlam

Early Intermediate: Robby Robertson


Advanced Old Time: Evan Kinney

Intermediate: Kellie Allen

Early Intermediate: Susie Coleman

Rhythm and Repertoire: Sammy Lind and Nadine Landry

Intermediate/Advanced Mandolin: Pete Vigour

Mountain Dulcimer :

Intermediate and Advanced: Don Pedi

Beginning: Margaret Wright


Old-Time Duets: Kari Sickenberger and Laurelyn Dossett

Mini-courses: These classes are 50 minutes long and require separate fee.  Course description will be posted shortly


  1. Banjo          Mick Kinney                                             Rag & Blues Banjo
  2. Fiddle         David Bragger & Susan Platz          Rare fiddle tunes from an ex-slave, Alonzo Janes
  3. Guitar         Susie Coleman                                        Beginning guitar
  4. Singing       Sammy Lind & Nadine Landry           Harmony Singing
  5. Ukulele       Charlie and Nancy Hartness              Advancing Ukulele


  1. Banjo          Evan Kinney                                            Beginning banjo
  2. Banjo          Rachel Eddy                                           How to Translate Fiddle into Banjo
  3. Bass           Amy Buckingham                                    Beginning bass
  4. Fiddle         Tricia Spencer                                          Midwestern Fiddling
  5. Guitar          Howard Rains                                         Midwest Guitar Backup

3pm     Shaped Note Singing is a free mini-course no fee required

  1. Banjo            Riley Baugus                                          Solo Banjo tunes in non-standard tunings
  2. Bass              Kellie Allen                                               Intermediate/Advanced Bass
  3. Dance           Emolyn Liden                                         Flatfooting
  4. Fiddle            Ellen Vigour                                            Fiddle from scratch
  5. Mandolin      Bob Buckingham                                 Window dressings
  6. Singing          Laura Boosinger                                   Shaped Note Singing

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