Blue Ridge OLD-Time Music Week

June 9-15, 2019: 28th Annual Blue Ridge Old-Time Music Week

Registration opened on November 26, 2018

Class descriptions on the right side of the page.


Rhythm & Repertoire: Howard Rains and Tricia Spencer

Banjo/Fiddle: Paul Brown and Terri McMurray


Beginning Fiddle: Sarah Westhues Owen

Early Intermediate Fiddle: Helen White

Intermediate Fiddle: Beverly Smith

Advanced Fiddle: Eddie Bond

Fiddle Rags & Blues: Mick Kinney


Early Intermediate Banjo: Robby Robertson

Intermediate Banjo: Hilary Dirlam

Advanced Banjo: Frank Lee


Early Intermediate Guitar: Susie Coleman

Intermediate Guitar: Allie Lee

Advanced Guitar: Steve Kilby

Advanced Backup Guitar: Evan Kinney


Intermediate/Advanced Bass: Kellie Allen


Beginning Dulcimer: Margaret Wright

Intermediate/Advanced Dulcimer: Lloyd Wright


Intermediate/Advanced Mandolin: Pete Vigour


Duet Singing: Kay Justice & Sam Gleaves

Mini-Courses:  1:00, 2:00 and 3:00 pm M-F (classes are 50 minutes)

1:00 pm Mini-Courses:

Susie Coleman:  Beginning Guitar

Bob Buckingham:  Mandolin Window-Dressings

Allie Lee: Old-time Rhythm for Ukulele and Banjo Ukulele

Pete Peterson:  Intro to Finger Style Old-time Banjo

Sam Gleaves:  Appalachian Songs

Howard Rains and Tricia Spencer:  Twin fiddling and Seconding on the Fiddle

2:00 pm Mini-Courses:

Rosin Sisters:  Harmony Singing

Amy Buckingham:  Beginning Bass

Frank and Allie Lee:  Double Banjo

Charlie and Nancy Hartness:  Advancing Ukulele

Pete Vigour: Jamming for Beginners

Evan Kinney: Beginning Banjo

3:00 pm Mini-Courses:

Mick Kinney:  Banjo EZ Chord System

Laura Boosinger:  Shaped Note Singing

Steve Kilby:  Carter Scratch Guitar

Emolyn Liden:  Flatfoot Dance

Ellen Vigour:  Fiddle from Scratch


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