Writing Center
Disciplinary Writing
MHU faculty discuss disciplinary writing in this video.

Writing Center

Director: Virginia Bower
Assistant Director: Felice Lopez Bell
Location: Renfro 133

As of March 23, 2020:

If you would like to receive help from a Writing Center tutor as MHU moves online, please contact the following tutors by emailing them directly. They will be happy to work with you on one or more of the following platforms: phone call, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, text, or email.
Please send your tutor, if possible, your draft as well as your assignment sheet. They will contact you about the tutoring session. If you have any questions or concerns, please email flopez@mhu.edu. Feel free to email more than one tutor at a time.

The Mars Hill University Writing Center, located in Renfro Library, room 133, offers free writing tutoring for all MHU students. Writers are encouraged to make an appointment, but drop-in visits are welcome, time permitting.

Writing Center tutors are trained to provide assistance at all stages of the writing process, from prewriting to revising final drafts, and they work with writers in all disciplines. Whether you’re working on that first essay for your first-year English class, tweaking a major research paper, or polishing your résumé for a job application, the tutors in the Writing Center can help you become a better writer.

Writing Center Spring 2020 Schedule

The Writing Center is located in Renfro Library, room 133. Tutoring is available during the highlighted times shown on the schedule. Drop-ins are welcome Sun-Thurs, or you can stop by the center and make an appointment. Problems or questions? Email Virginia Bower  or Felice Lopez Bell.

Evening hours:

  • Sun. 6pm-10pm
  • Mon. 6pm-10pm
  • Tues. 6pm-10pm
  • Wed. 6pm-10pm
  • Thurs. 11am-12pm
  • Thurs. 6pm-10pm

We occasionally close for inclement weather, holidays, and university breaks. Please keep an eye on your daily emails for news about Writing Center closings.


The Writing Center is staffed by trained peer tutors, students with strong writing skills and a desire to help others. To become a peer tutor, students must have successfully completed English 111 and 112 (or 113); additionally, tutors must enroll in a one-credit- hour course, ENG262-Peer Collaboration in Writing.


Ms. Virginia Bower 
Writing Center Director & Associate Professor of English

As an associate professor in the Department of Language and Literature, I teach all levels of writing at MHU; in addition, I direct the college Writing Center, located in Renfro Library. As director of our center, I supervise, train, and work with peer tutors in order to help them provide the best quality tutoring for MHU students. I oversee, as well, the college’s campus-wide writing program which consists of writing-intensive courses that are paired with Writing Fellows, or classroom-based peer tutors. I love writing, and I love passing on this enthusiasm to students, especially those who are forever challenged by the craft of writing. In addition to being a teacher, I consider myself a lifelong learner; I’ve taken classes in Italian, landscaping, micro-economics, memoir writing, and Indian cooking. I hope that all students will take advantage of the support provided by the Writing Center to help them improve their writing, their grades, and their overall academic performance.

Mrs. Felice Lopez Bell
Writing Center assistant director and instructor of English

I have been teaching English courses at Mars Hill since 2008. I received my bachelor’s degree from the College of Charleston and my master’s degree in fiction (M.F.A.) at the University of Florida. I teach composition classes, creative writing classes, and business writing classes, and an occasional literature class. I am the faculty adviser for the Cadenza Literary Magazine. In addition to working with the students here at MHU, I also coach and play soccer in Asheville.




Eriana Ansley

Hello! My name is Eriana Ansley. I am from Atlanta, Georgia, and I am a part of the 2021 class. I am double majoring in Apparel and Interior Merchandising and Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I am also involved in the MHU Student- Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), and I am a member of the Mars Hill University Volleyball team.



Ashley Brewster

My name is Ashley Brewster and I am an Art Education major with a minor in English. I am hoping to also be certified to teach English by the time I am done here at Mars Hill. I like to read, do calligraphy, as well as doing other miscellaneous things in my free time (such as hiking and taking naps). I look forward to seeing you all in the writing center!


Brendon Cyprianos

Hi, my name is Brendon Cyprianos. I am from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and I am a part of the class of 2021. My Major is Business Administration and I am also a part of the Mars Hill University swimming team.

Christine Foreshá

My name is Chris Foreshá, and this is my last year as a writing center tutor, year four for me. I am a Political Science student with minors in Business Administration and French. I am a former track student but a current member of SGA, as the Student Body Treasurer, and also the President of College Democrats. Can’t wait to see you around campus!



Sammantha Hodges

Hello! My name is Sammantha Hodges. I was born and raised in Hendersonville, North Carolina. I am a Biology Major with a double minor in Environmental Studies and Regional Studies. Along with working as a writing center tutor, I also help run the math center. After you come see me in the writing center, then you can come to the math center for help too! I look forward to meeting you!


Tayler Hodges

Hello, my name is Tayler Hodges. I am from Hendersonville, North Carolina. I am currently an English Education major with a minor in Music. I am part of the class of 2022, and I work in the writing center with my sister, Sammantha. I look forward to meeting you!


Katie Lanier

Hey! My name is Katie Lanier. I come from a small town in North Carolina, and am majoring in Art Therapy with an Honors Program minor. I love art and helping people come up with creative solutions to problems. I hope to see you all at the Writing Center!

Eric Stone

Hi, my name is Eric Stone, and I am part of the 2022 class. I am currently pursuing an Integrated Education Major, and I am a Bonner Scholar. I am also an international student from Zacapa, Guatemala.

Other Writing Center Tutors:

Ellie Bloom
Sydney Britt
Tori Jackson
Cayleigh Kolodzik
Brianna Moffitt
Elena Mass Teijeiro
Hannah Weidenhamer
Sebastian Youngs


Tutoring sessions are limited to 45 minutes maximum. If your assignment requires more time, please make an additional appointment for later in the week. Also, we have a 10-page maximum restriction on all assignments. These parameters help to encourage students seeking writing assistance to be actively engaged in the tutoring experience.


Feel free to stop by the Writing Center to make an appointment for a tutoring session. While appointments are not necessary (and drop-ins are welcome), an appointment will assure you the time you need with a tutor. Appointments can be made at the Mind Space desk or by emailing writingcenter@mhu.edu.


Peer tutors in the Mars Hill University Writing Center WILL…

  • assist with writing assignments at any stage of the writing process
  • provide kind, considerate, and professional tutoring
  • help writers develop a clear sense of “the next step” for writing assignments once they leave the Center
  • tutor up to 10 pages of text per 45-minute session
  • complete a tutoring report for each student who receives help from a tutor in the Writing Center

Peer tutors in the Mars Hill University Writing Center WON’T…

  • write papers for students
  • correct written work (tutors work with students to find problems and to eliminate them)
  • give students topics (that’s up to students and/or their professors)
  • guarantee an “A” for having visited the center (students who seek help with writing assignments at the Writing Center will most assuredly improve in their writing, which is the main goal of the center)
  • work on assignments that are longer than 10 pages (if your assignment is longer, you must return for a separate tutoring session for each 10 pages)