Welcome to Mars Hill University’s online Center for Academic Advising. Here you will find resources that will help you at any stage in the advising process, whether you are an advisor, a current or prospective student, or a parent.

What is advising, and why is it important at Mars Hill University? Mars Hill University is a small liberal arts university which prides itself on strong connections between faculty and students, and advising is key to bringing the mission statement of the university alive each semester with our students.

Academic advising is central to the education of every student here at Mars Hill. The relationship between advisor and student is at the core of the advising process, which encompasses most aspects of the university experience, from assisting students in making decisions about majors that will lead to fulfilling careers, to which classes to take and when, and how all of this fits into the life plans of our students. Advisors and students accomplish this in a helpful, professional, and mutually respectful atmosphere in which students are taught how to

  • define their personal educational and life goals;
  • plan programs to achieve those goals;
  • learn MHU policies and procedures, curricula options, and academic program requirements; and
  • make full use of the resources available to them at Mars Hill.

“Academic advising is integral to fulfilling the teaching and learning mission of higher education. Through academic advising, students learn to become members of their higher education community, to think critically about their roles and responsibilities as students, and to prepare to be educated citizens of a democratic society and a global community.”
  –“Concept of Academic Advising,” National Academic Advising Association (2006)


Are you a MHU student with an academic advising question? Email to reach Ryan Bell, Director of First-Year Advising.