Career Development

Career Development

The Career Development Center aims to assist students in their search for internships, grad school programs and employment options during and after their experience at Mars Hill University.

If you want to explore more in depth your personal interests, talents and outlook, go to one of the many resources at this site, such as FOCUS2, and’s jobs database and preparation resource. For academic internships registration at Mars Hill University, visit the Internships pages. See links at left, or for CollegeCentral, you may also click on the red button at right.

I encourage you to call or visit my office in Marshbanks Hall with questions, suggestions and comments. We are working to improve the range of services and resources available to you all the time, and your input on your particular needs is always welcome.

Director: Jimmy Knight
Phone: (828) 689-1735
Address: Marshbanks 301

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Mars Hill’s Job Services System


Focus Career Planning

FOCUS is a career exploration and education planning system.

Research results cited by the American Psychological Association and the University of Michigan showed that Focus is “most recommended by career counselors, is simple and easy to use, has more of a focus on the user, faster to use, most affordable, comprehensive, and great support from the Career Dimensions staff”. (per FOCUS) A NACE survey showed that Focus is one of the top three most used systems.

Student portal for self-registration in Focus

Student portal for logging back into Focus

For the password please send us an email.

Job or Internship Offers

Do you have a job or internship position that you would like to advertise to our students?

Please register (free of charge to you) in our jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities database, where you may post and update opportunities directly online. All MHU students and alumni have direct access to job postings in this online system.  For more information, or if you need assistance with this process, send an email to

You may also post jobs to our Facebook page.

Online Resources to Empower your MHU Four-Year Career Plan

Getting Started, Exploring Career Paths

  • Explore different fields of work, and learn from experts in each field – Career Resource Center
  • Employers in NC by Major – Find out who hires people with your major in North Carolina, or register for free to find employers nationwide – and all about where they are located.
  • Career Match  – Discover cool careers, connect with inspiring people, and share your ideas and questions.
  • Career Profiles – includes a free Work Preference Assessment tool
  • Career Perfect – Find out what types of careers might be right for you.

Internships & Community Engagement


Market Yourself

Gaining a job that suits your career and lifestyle goals is more than simply applying to a few jobs on search engines, or responding to advertisements!

A handy Networking guide From Career Perfect

Resume Tips: Perfect one of many ways to help secure the position you want


Prepare for Graduate School


GRE prep

MCAT  – Understanding and Preparing for the MCAT Exam

Guides to Graduate schools

NC Employment & Internships

Western North Carolina Employment

NC Works Online

NC Office of State Human Resources

Sustainable Business Jobs
Jobs and internships with organizations committed to the theme “sustainable energy for all.”



Health and Wellness

NC Health Careers
Public Health Careers – In-depth public health career information in one place, including salary tools, career path timelines, and job resources. Also helpful is a guide to online Master in Public Health options.

Social Work


  • Athlete Network is a jobs and internships network for athletes. The site works similar to LinkedIn, ensuring both athletes and employers are able to connect with each other.
  • NCAA – The Market

Theatre Arts

  • Theatre Communications Group
    Hundreds of jobs listed by the National Employment Bulletin for the Arts, updated every three business days. Five distinct categories: Administrative, Artistic, Production/Design, Career Development and Education. Includes summer jobs, internships, festivals, schools, art centers, dance and opera companies, museums, orchestras, commercial organizations, etc., etc.


Minority Groups

Job Hero, for all underrepresented minority groups, including those with physical disabilities

Workplace Diversity
Connects candidates with employers who are proactive in their quest to create a diverse workforce.

Diversity Employers

General Job Search databases – national and international!