Appalachian Studies Program

Appalachian Studies (minor)

The Appalachian Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program that explores the history, culture, and natural environment of Southern Appalachia. It draws upon the wealth of Appalachian cultural and environmental resources on Mars Hill University’s campus and in its backyard.

While the Appalachian Studies Minor focuses on Southern Appalachia, the interdisciplinary skills developed therein can be applied to any other region (national or international). It is an ideal complement to most majors and is especially recommended for any student who wishes to:

  • Develop the skills to study the culture, history, or environment of a region in depth;
  • Understand the regional forces which shape and motivate human beings and social movements; and/or
  • Have a career that depends upon a nuanced understanding of a particular geographic place or community.

Core courses include:

  • AS 211: Introduction to Appalachian Studies
  • AS 344: Creative Traditions in Southern Appalachia
  • AS 345: Oral History Practicum
  • BIO 214: Natural History of the Southern Appalachians
  • ENG 340: Appalachian Literature
  • REL 343: Religion in Appalachia
  • HIS 349: Appalachian History

For more information, contact Program Coordinator Leila Weinstein: (828) 689-1115 or

Meet the Appalachian Studies Faculty!

Students on Roan Mountain

Appalachian Studies Field Trip to Roan Mountain








Farmers with livestock

Mr. and Mrs. John Shepard of Franklin, NC, and their Lord’s Acre Pigs. James G.K. McClure Jr Collection, Southern Appalachian Archives.








James G.K. McClure Jr Collection, Southern Appalachian Archives.