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MHU Social Media

Social Media Accounts at Mars Hill are an important way to stay informed with the most current updates and activities on The Hill. Below is a list of all official accounts of the university.

Mars Hill University      Facebook          

MHU President   Facebook          

MHU Provost   

Mars Hill Athletics     Facebook     

MHU Adult & Graduate Studies   Facebook

MHU Alumni   Facebook          


MHU Acrobatics & Tumbling          

MHU Baseball   

MHU Basketball   Facebook

MHU Football   Facebook          

MHU Men’s Lacrosse¬† ¬†

MHU Women’s Lacrosse¬† ¬†

MHU Softball   Facebook     

MHU Volleyball         

MHU Spirit Teams   Facebook

Departments, Clubs, Organizations:

Bookstore   Facebook

Campus & Outdoor Rec 

Center for Community Engagement   Facebook   

Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion   Facebook  

Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning  Facebook

Chaplain’s Office¬† ¬† Facebook¬† ¬†

Criminal Justice   Facebook

Cothran Center for Career Readiness   Facebook  

Counseling Center   Facebook

Dining Services   Facebook

Environmental Action Club 


Financial Aid   Facebook

Forward Together/NAACP    Facebook

Fraternity & Sorority Life 

Health, Human Performance and Recreation  Facebook

Honors Heritage Garden   Facebook

Indigenous Student Association 

Judge-McRae School of Nursing  Facebook

MHU Bands   Facebook 

Passive Fist (Ultimate Frisbee)  Facebook

Political Science   Facebook   

Prism   Facebook

Ramsey Center for Appalachian Studies  Facebook

Residence Life   Facebook   

SGA   Facebook

Student Health Ambassadors   Facebook     

Student Life         

Teacher Education   Facebook

Teaching with Primary Sources  Facebook

Theatre Arts   Facebook   


In order to be recognized as an official university account and for the university to promote your content, an employee should register the page(s) with the Marketing & Communications Office. Accounts are asked to commit to posting at least twice weekly. If your organization or group has compelling content but would not have it frequently enough to maintain an account, please forward the content to our Director of Content Management for inclusion on the main university accounts. If you do plan to have content to establish an account, you will be asked to share admin access of the social accounts with the Marketing & Communications Office. Logins will only be used in the event content violates university guidelines or in the event the university must respond to a situation. Accounts should not be created prior to receiving approval from the Marketing & Communications Office. Complete this form to register the account.


For avatars and thumbnails, any logos used should follow the rules dictated in the Mars Hill University Graphic Standards guide. Logos should be obtained through the Marketing & Communications Office. Pictures are also acceptable as long as they are in good taste and suit the topic.


Use good judgment for your posts, because content can go anywhere once it is posted. When you post something using your MHU social media account, remember that what you post reflects on the university.

Timing and Frequency

All accounts must commit to posting at least twice weekly.

Marketing and advertising inquiries contact:
Senior Director of Marketing and Communications Samantha Fender (828-689-1126)

News and media inquiries contact:
Director of Communications, Mike Thornhill (828-689-1298)

Web and social media inquiries contact:
Assistant Director of Multimedia Content Strategy, Tatum Boggs (828-689-1148)

Mars Hill Magazine or other publication inquiries:
Director of Publications, Teresa Buckner (828-689-1304)


Graphic Standards Manual