Interdisciplinary Majors & Minors

Interdisciplinary Minors & Majors

The interdisciplinary minors and major at Mars Hill University involve combining two or more academic disciplines into one broad area of study. This kind of scholarship allows students to select courses in related areas of interest that more specifically match their interests and career goals. The interdisciplinary studies minors and majors allow students to make connections between concepts and skills taken from different disciplines across the university. This kind of scholarly work requires students to broaden their learning beyond the confines of one academic discipline. It is our goal at MHU to provide a liberal arts experience that expands our students’ perspectives of knowledge in an ever-changing society. We offer minors in Community Leadership, Environmental Studies, International Studies, Regional Studies, and Women and Gender Studies. We also offer the B.A. in International Studies and in fall 2021, we will offer the Community and Nonprofit Leadership major.