Sociology is the scientific study of human social life, groups, and societies. The Sociology major offers a flexible sequence of courses that expose students to the core of the discipline including theory, research methods, and social stratification. In addition to preparing students for graduate school, the sociology curriculum allows students to gain skills relevant in many career trajectories including public health, applied research, and civic advocacy.

Because the major requires only 40 semester hours, students in the department are encouraged to complete a double-major or minor(s) in related areas, or to participate in departmental programs that emphasize:

  • practical field-based education through our network
    of contacts with local agencies and groups.
  • research opportunities through the Center for
    Assessment and Research Alliances (CARA).
  • computer skills, including statistical packages such as

All general education requirements set forth by Mars Hill University must be met in addition to the courses listed above. Total hours needed to graduate are 128. For more information on major classes, as well as general education requirements and electives, see the online Mars Hill University Academic Catalog.

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