Department of Criminal Justice
Department of Criminal Justice
Department of Criminal Justice
Department of Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice degree offered 100% online for adult students beginning January 2024.  Now Enrolling!

An employer discusses the value of a degree from Mars Hill in the field of Criminal Justice and the success of Mars Hill graduates in the workplace.

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice major prepares students for a career in criminal justice or related occupations. The degree exposes students to issues associated with the modern-day criminal justice system in the United States. The criminal justice degree also prepares students for the world of work through deliberate attention to ethical dilemmas with which criminal justice professionals are often faced; understanding the role that gender, race/ethnicity, and socio-economic status play in the production of crime and the social control of same; and understanding the importance of the scientific inquiry for criminal justice policy making. The program also has an emphasis on oral and written communication and higher order thinking, equipping students with the skills needed to be successful in the pursuit of graduate education.

Online Criminal Justice Degree for Adult Studies (AGS) Students

Mars Hill University Criminal Justice Department also offers the opportunity for students to complete their undergraduate criminal justice  (CJ) degree online as part of the Adult and Graduate Studies  program. The program will launch in January 2024 for individuals who have already started in a criminal justice program or have completed an associate degree from a community college. The online program is designed to allow working adults the opportunity to ( begin or) complete and obtain a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice while balancing the rest of life. The program offers students the same benefits as traditional students, including qualified faculty with broad, real-world work experience, small class sizes, an academic advisor dedicated to adult learners, and opportunities to network with professionals of all criminal justice disciplines. If you have previous training, such as BLET, we do provide credit for professional experience.

We will help you develop a plan for a career or refocus the plan you are on to meet your success goals. Please let us know how we can help you be successful. Contact us to begin your next steps.


Internships allow students opportunities to work in advanced, supervised off-campus settings within an agency or the local community. This type of experiential learning helps students gain valuable knowledge and skills that supplement their classroom education while they network with professionals in their chosen line of work.

Students who are interested in the internship option are invited to review the Criminal Justice Internship Manual and the accompanying syllabus for CJ 461: Criminal Justice Internship.

Please direct all questions about internships to Dr. Craig Goforth (