Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

Admission to the BFA Program

Musical Theatre jury examinations are held by the voice faculty and the acting/musical theatre faculty of theĀ Department of Theatre Arts. A musical theatre jury is given for each musical theatre student receiving credit in AMUĀ applied music. A student wishing to enter the musical theatre program must audition successfully for the TheatreĀ Arts faculty prior to taking classes in Musical Theatre as a Freshman.

Formal admission to the BFA program in Musical Theatre is gained at the conclusion of the sophomore year by wayĀ of a junior qualifying audition. The student must pass this performance examination in voice and musical theatre.Ā Its purpose is to determine if the student has the practical skills and discipline necessary to complete the BFAĀ degree.

To be eligible to apply for admission to the BFA program, the student must have earned a grade of D or higher inĀ all courses required for the major and have a minimum GPA of 2.75 in major courses. A minimum overall GPA ofĀ 2.75 must have been earned each semester prior to application to the degree program. Additionally, retention inĀ the program is dependent upon the student receiving grades of D or higher in all classes required for the majorĀ and maintaining an overall GPA of 2.75. Any student whose average falls below 2.75 in a semester following formal
admission to the BFA program will be on probation and granted one semester to raise it to the minimum GPA.Ā Failing that, the student may continue in the BA degree program.

Musical Theatre students are required to pay for their accompanist each semester. This fee is not part of regularĀ tuition and fees but is included in university charges. Applied Music fees are also assessed for all AMU classes.


Four to five productions are presented each school year. It is the goal of the department to offer a balanced programĀ of plays, representing various periods, genres, and styles.