Work Study Program



The Work Study Program at Mars Hill University exists to provide qualified students part-time job opportunities with the wages being used to help reduce student tuition fees. Student employment with Mars Hill University gives students the opportunity to work in preparation for entering the job market while meeting critical needs of the college. The Work Study Program is supplemented by a community involvement portion.

Community Involvement Activities

Students will have a chance to attend campus activities and events that have been approved by college administrators. These events will allow students to connect with other students as well as the surrounding community while also helping to reduce their balance.

  • Only students who are awarded work study or institutional tuition assistance work program will be eligible for the community involvement activities.
  • The community involvement activities will not generate a refund for the student.
  • Each student will receive advance notification of approved events that qualify for the community involvement activities.
  • Participation for the allotted amount awarded per semester for community involvement activities must be completed by semester’s end. There will be no carry over for activities not earned in a semester.

Job Acquisition

The Financial Aid office awards student employment as part of a student’s financial aid package. At the beginning of the fall semester a list of available jobs is posted on the MHU website as well as e-mailed to all eligible student workers. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the supervisor listed, set a time for an interview, and complete all forms required by both federal and state governments and the institution. Required paperwork includes:

W-4 Federal tax form
NC-4 North Carolina tax form
I-9 Federal employment eligibility form: to be completed with Student Employment Coordinator


* Note: Work Study is packaged as part of the student’s financial aid which is shown as anticipated aid on the student’s initial billing statement. Unearned or unassigned work-study checks will result in a balance due to the institution unless the student’s bill is paid in full.

All forms must be completed and submitted to the Student Employment Office by October 3, 2018, to secure employment at Mars Hill University.

There are two types of work study: Federal Work Study and Institutional Tuition Assistance.

Federal Work Study

  • Seniors and Bonners only will be awarded federal work study
  • Federal work study is only for students who demonstrate high need.
  • All students beginning pay will be the current minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.
  • Students who remain working with the same supervisor will be eligible for a pay increase beginning in the second year of work for the same supervisor.
  • Students who work in a position that REQUIRE an outside license or certification will start out with a minimum pay of $2.00 more per hour than the base pay.

Institutional Tuition Assistance

  • Students who are awarded the Institutional Tuition Assistance work program will complete the same hours as those awarded federal work study.
  • This assistance can in no way generate a refund on the student account, unless the student balance has been paid in full.
  • Students will be required to sign an employee agreement that states unless the student balance is paid in full, the student earnings will be applied directly to their student account for a reduction on their student statement.
  • All students beginning pay will be the current minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.
  • Students who remain working with the same supervisor will be eligible for a pay increase beginning in the second year of work for the same supervisor.
  • Students who work in a position that REQUIRE an outside license or certification will start out with a minimum pay of $2.00 more per hour than the base pay.


It is the student and supervisor’s responsibility to keep accurate records of the exact time the worker begins and ends their job. Students are to record their time online through Time Tracker. At the end of the payment period, typically at the end of the month, the student is to electronically sign the timesheet with their supervisor. Supervisor and student signatures are verification that the data presented is a true and accurate reflection of time worked. The student’s signed timesheet is due to the Student Employment Office the next business day after the last working day of each payment period. Exceptions are holiday periods and semester’s end; at these times students and supervisors will be notified via e-mail of exact due dates. No payment is made without an electronically signed and submitted timesheet.

Work Hours

Student employees must be committed to working the entire semester. The supervisor may schedule the work time based on departmental requirements or the supervisor and student employee may schedule the work time to meet the needs of the department and the worker. Students cannot work during regularly scheduled class times even if the class is canceled, nor can students work during athletic practices, games, or performances. Work time cannot exceed 40 hours per week.


Student employees are expected to adhere to their work schedules in order to earn the total amount of their award. Workers are expected to be at work on time and attired as directed by the supervisor. The supervisor must be informed of any absence prior to the beginning of the scheduled work time. An excused absence is any absence authorized by the supervisor. A supervisor may allow time missed to be rescheduled if it is conducive to the job. Any absence that is not approved will be an unexcused absence. Student employees will be subject to the Disciplinary Action Policy for unexcused absences. Consecutive absences of three scheduled work days will be considered voluntary quit, if – prior to the end of the third scheduled workday – the worker does not contact the supervisor. An absence due to personal illness must be documented by a doctor’s signature in order to qualify as an excused absence. Participation in events designated by the college will be excused absences. Student employees will not receive pay for hours not worked.

Vacation Breaks

Students will not be required to work on those days that are school holidays as listed in the student calendar; however, students may choose to work during vacation breaks if both the student and supervisor agree to the scheduled times.

Pay Scale

First time student workers in the 2016-2017 academic year will be paid at the rate of $7.25 per hour. Students who work in a position that REQUIRE an outside license or certification will start out with a minimum pay of $2.00 more per hour than the base pay. Students who continue to work with the same supervisor from year to year are eligible to receive a pay increase. Annual earnings cannot exceed the award amount.


The supervisor has the right to evaluate student workers in the Work Study Program. Evaluations may include assessment of worker’s progress and include guidance to improve job performance and motivation to improve job satisfaction. Evaluations are determined by the supervisor and must be kept within the student’s department of employment. The Student Employment Office will not keep record of student employment evaluations.

Disciplinary Action Policy

Student workers are expected to maintain standards of conduct suitable for the workplace. Student worker behavior should be based upon the Mars Hill University Code of Student Conduct as outlined in the Mars Hill University Catalog/Student Handbook. Violation of these rules, whether specifically addressed or implied, can result in a warning or a removal from the position.

Job Assignment Changes

Any participant in the Work Study Program may request a change in job assignment, but only at the end of the current academic year. However, the program does not guarantee that another position will be available.

Worker Safety

It is the student’s responsibility to wear any safety equipment required for the performance of their job. If an accident occurs, it should be reported immediately to the supervisor or to the Wellness Center.

Children in the Workplace

Student workers are not to bring children to the area where they are performing their job duties. The presence of children during work hours is not allowed because of the potential for interruption of work, health and safety issues, and liability to the organization. Also, it is not acceptable to request that University employees take responsibility for supervising a student worker’s child during their scheduled work time. Nothing in this policy prevents children being on campus for approved University activities or brief visits.


No employee or applicant will be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender or age (Except when gender or age is an occupational requirement or qualification). The Mars Hill University Work Study Program affirms its intent to comply with federal regulations regarding persons with disabilities. The program does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the hiring or placement of applicants. Work Study is in compliance with the ADA and makes every effort possible to provide equal working opportunities to all students. Any manager or supervisor involved in the Work Study Program who fails to fully adhere to this policy will be disciplined accordingly.

Student Responsibilities:

Students acknowledge that they have read the information regarding the Work Study Program from the student handbook and this web page.
Students understand that:

  1. The rules and guidelines outlined in the handbook may be altered at any time.
  2. Claims of ignorance to the rules and regulations outlined in the online student handbook will not be accepted as an excuse for violation.

Students further understand that they are responsible for accurately recording the exact time they begin and leave work, AND for their timesheet being sent to the Financial Aid Office on the first working day after the last day of the month worked. For example, last day worked is February 28; your timesheet must be signed and submitted to the financial aid office on March 1.Students further understand that if they are working in the Institutional Tuition Assistance Program their earnings will be directly applied to their student accounts to reduce their balance, unless their balance is paid in full at the beginning of the semester.

Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Interview with potential student workers
  • Make certain student workers are accurately reporting time worked
  • Allow student workers to work the hours allotted to fulfill their full worker commitment awarded by the Financial Aid Office
  • Ensure student workers are not working during classes, athletic practices, performances, or activities
  • Submit timesheets in a timely manner to the financial aid office for accurate hours worked

Grievance Procedure

The Work Study Program recognizes that in any relationship there is a chance that problems will develop. If a participant in the program has a complaint, he or she is encouraged to speak to their supervisor. If the complaint is not resolved after a discussion with the supervisor, or if the complaint is related to an action taken by the supervisor, the student may contact the Director of Financial Aid. If the problem remains unresolved, it may be referred to a person of higher authority.