Department of Natural Sciences

Department of Natural Sciences

The Department of Natural Sciences houses the programs in Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Ecology and Conservation Biology, and Zoology. These programs prepare students for employment, graduate study, and teaching in a wide variety of fields related to the life sciences.

Mars Hill University allows a student to pursue a liberal arts education while preparing for a career in a health profession field. These programs include:

    • Pre-professional studies preparing students for careers in medical, veterinarian, physician assistant, pharmacy, physical therapy, and other heath-related professions.

The pre-professional programs provide the background necessary for graduate study in medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinarian, physical therapy, and physician assistant programs. Mars Hill University provides the science requirements for entry for these programs through concentrations in Biology and Chemistry majors. These demanding courses prepare students for the competitive application process. The faculty maintain relationships with universities providing these graduate programs in North Carolina and the Southeast region. Students receive personalized guidance from a faculty member specializing in this field including assistance in acquiring the clinical hours required prior to application to many programs.



  • Biological Natural History
  • Biology
  • Chemistry

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