Visit our Entrepreneurial Leadership Center
Visit our Entrepreneurial Leadership Center
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Entrepreneurial Leadership
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Entrepreneurial Leadership Summit

Center For Entrepreneurial Leadership

The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (EL) program at Mars Hill University offers a dynamic and innovative experience that will help students develop the mindset, skills, and strategies needed to think like an entrepreneur. Students can apply those skills across any industry at any scale and are highly sought after by employers. With experiential learning at the core of the program design, students will get extensive exposure to business partners and work real world problems. The program challenges students to think creatively, take calculated risks, and develop an entrepreneurial mindset that will expand their academic and professional journey.

Pair the EL minor with any major. 

Students who chose to major in Business Administration may choose Entrepreneurial Leadership as a concentration, or they may choose EL as a minor to compliment any major.  Whether interested in starting a business, working for a startup, or simply developing an entrepreneurial mindset that will help drive success in any career, the MHU Entrepreneurial Leadership minor is the perfect opportunity to supplement any major.

Student Scholarship Program

Scholarships are available for students enrolled in Entrepreneurial Leadership minors and concentrations.

  • First year scholarships is $6,000, with $3,000 each year after, dependent on admission to MHU
  • No GPA requirement, based on motivation, leadership, and other factors
  • Interview is required
  • Scholarships made possible thanks to the Appalachian Regional Commission

Business Partnerships in Education

Experiential learning is a key component of the program, which means partnerships with area businesses are critical to success. The program has a diverse group of business partners that will engage with students throughout the entirety of the program helping students in the areas of workforce readiness, critical thinking, personal development, business acumen, and leadership/interpersonal skills. Continuous and extensive engagement with partners will allow students to develop relationships, grow networks, have mentors, leverage internships, and potentially secure permanent employment upon graduation. Partners will also join the classroom, host business tours, provide real world case studies, engage in extracurricular activities, and much more.

Some of our local business partners include:




Highlighted Coursework includes:

BA 203 – Intro to Entrepreneurship
• An introduction to foundational and fundamental elements of entrepreneurship. Creativity, innovation, problem solving, teamwork, and experiential learning will be focal points of the course, enabling students to think like an entrepreneur and test new business ideas.
BA 300 – New Venture Startup
• Students will learn the essentials of evaluating a potential business idea and turn it into a plan. Structured in a team environment, students create a complete business plan that culminates in a final presentation to a panel of potential investors.
BA 303 – Entrepreneurial Strategy
• The entrepreneurial strategy course is designed to provide students with the core concepts and capabilities required to think strategically and develop long-term goals and objectives pertaining to entrepreneurial business. Building on the lessons of BA 203, the course will also expand student knowledge on the functional areas of business specifically pertaining to strategic planning and development.
BA 403 – Experiential Consulting
• This consulting course provides students with an experiential learning activity working directly with real businesses in a guided semester long consulting project. Designed as a capstone of entrepreneurial thinking, this course empowers students to put what they have learned to work.


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For more information:
Sabrina Delk
Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
Day Hall 302
Phone: (828) 689-1105