Center for Student Success

Center for Student Success

What is the Center for Student Success?

The Center for Student Success (CSS) is a department that collaborates closely with both academic and student affairs to assist students in persisting at MHU. Comprised of multiple functioning areas, CSS integrates the mission of the university through curricular and co-curricular experiences. As students navigate their college experience at Mars Hill, the CSS staff works to ensure students are connected to campus resources while establishing life-long relationships at their home away from home.

Visit the CSS in Renfro Library 205 or contact for more info.

 LionTrax Early Alerts and Referrals

CSS solicits feedback and progress updates from faculty and communicates with the student and campus offices to best address students of concern using LionTrax. When an instructor submits a LionTrax Early Alert/referral, the Student Care Team will work with instructors, coaches, advisors, and others with whom the student may have a relationship in order to offer support, connect the student to resources, and to create a Circle of Care. Students are urged to respond to the invitations for assistance and support but are always welcome to visit the CSS office if they have questions or concerns about the Early Alerts/referrals they receive.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) 

Supplemental Instruction provides opportunities to acquire effective learning strategies, develop understanding of difficult course material, and improve grades in historically difficult courses. SI works by identifying specific sections of gateway courses to competitive academic programs and assigning to them SI “Fellows,” who are previous students recommended by respective instructors of those courses. SI Fellows work with instructors of those sections to offer 2 to 3 additional support sessions per week beyond the class regular meeting times.  

First Year Mentors

First Year Mentors serve an integral role in student success by supporting students in and out of the classroom during their transition to MHU. First Year Mentors are student leaders and role models who understand the importance of creating a strong foundation during the first year of college and who strive to create positive academic and social environments for new students.

View the First Year Mentor position description and application.

First Year Seminars

First Year Seminar I (FYS111)

FYS111 introduces students to the college experience at Mars Hill, to concepts fundamental to a liberal arts education, to the skills necessary for success in college, and to multiple disciplinary perspectives. All first-time first-year students register for the course in their first semester at MHU, as do transfer students with less than 28 credit hours who do not have equivalent credit for the course.

First Year Connections (FYC)

All first-year students participate in First Year Connections as a part of FYS111. Housed in the Center for Student Success and developed in collaboration with multiple offices across campus, FYC provides first-year students with the opportunity to make intentional curricular and co-curricular connections to help them engage with resources, programs, events and the community.

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