Department of Education

Department of Education

You can make a positive difference in the life of a young person, a family, a school, or a community. Your efforts and commitments will inspire young people to greatness. You will cultivate creative and critical thinking. You will empower children and their families and communities with knowledge, dignity, and hope. You will be a leader. You will shape the lives of future leaders. You will be a teacher.

Mars Hill University’s Teacher Education Program understands the growing need for well-qualified teachers in our public schools. American schools are defined by human diversity, widening achievement gaps, and socio-economic shifts. Today more than ever, our public schools need teachers who can cultivate the mind, the self, and the community. We need teachers who will empower the teaching profession. Within the next few years, our nation will need thousands of new teachers prepared to make a difference in the life of a child. Do you have the courage to teach?

Our Teacher Education Program offers teaching licensure in Elementary Education, Integrated Education, Special Education, Music, and Physical Education. By becoming a teacher, you have the unique opportunity to connect with students of all backgrounds and to be a leader in your community. What could be more rewarding than that?

In the Mars Hill University Teacher Education Program you will find a faculty committed to cultivating your personal and professional knowledge. We believe in empowering our candidates with respect, dignity, creativity, and integrity. We invite you to become part of the most rewarding profession – teaching. So, what are you waiting for?


Mars Hill offers the following teacher education programs leading to North Carolina licensure.

  • Integrated Education (Elem Ed K-6/Special Ed K-12):  Dr. Susan Stigall
  • Music (K-12): Dr. Rodney Caldwell
  • Physical Education (K-12): Dr. Natalie Boone

Add-on Licensure Programs (K-12):


The programs in Teacher Education at Mars Hill University are approved by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, making possible licensure reciprocity with 44 other states including the District of Columbia and Guam.


Mars Hill University Teacher Education Mission Statement

The mission of the Teacher Education Program is to prepare teachers as progressive leaders, able to meet the challenges that will face them with optimism and energy and enable them to revive the positive conditions that make genuine learning possible.


Teacher Education Program Diversity Statement

A core value of the Teacher Education Program at MHU is one of critical agency that prepares candidates to take action to resist social injustice and economic inequity. We believe that faculty, staff, and students must have an understanding of and respect for human diversity and be prepared to empower others with the same understanding and respect.