Broyhill Chapel & Bentley Fellowship Hall

Chapel and Fellowship Hall


The Broyhill Family Foundation funded the cost of materials for the chapel. Approximately half of it was constructed by 423 volunteers coordinated by the Baptist Men of NC through their Volunteers in Missions program. The construction began April 9, 1988, and the chapel was dedicated September 12, 1989.

Broyhill Chapel is a distinctive building with several items of interest.

  • The cross that hangs above the entrance is yellow pine painted black with a solid walnut overlay.
  • The stained glass window, entitled “Pilgrimage,” is a double helix that suggests the soul’s yearning for God. The stained glass window gleams just above an eight-foot rock wall at the front of the sanctuary.
  • Within the chapel is an intimate prayer room.
  • The organ is crafted from oak, containing 252 pipes.
  • The wall hangings, located in the foyer, were designed and woven from pure silk by Mrs. Betty Smith of Hot Springs. The blue hanging is entitled “Laurel of Mars Hill” and the rust-colored hanging is “Jubilee.”
  • The pulpit is made of solid cherry that was cut from a tree felled on the campus in 1964. The communion table is of solid cherry from the same tree as the pulpit, constructed by Mr. James Fish, retired Director of the Physical Plant at the university. The table contains six stained glass pieces that represent the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, Peace, Justice, and Feeding the Hungry.
  • The entry doors, made of Honduras mahogany, were designed and carved by former Mars Hill President Fred Bentley, who spent approximately 200 hours in their creation. The doors contain 20 scenes from the Old Testament and 20 scenes from the New Testament. The Cross, Pulpit and Communion Table were all designed by Dr. Bentley.

The chapel is a popular place for weddings, and seats approximately 275.



The same volunteers who constructed Broyhill Chapel helped construct the fellowship hall at the same time. The former Broyhill Fellowship Hall was renamed in honor of former Mars Hill President Fred Bentley on April 27, 2003.

The fellowship hall is frequently used for receptions and celebrations of all kinds and will accommodate 100 people comfortably.

For more information regarding either facility you may contact Stacey Allen, Assistant Director of Auxiliary Services, 828-689-1167 or