Financial Aid

Financial Aid for Graduate Students

A key question, whether you’re moving straight from your undergraduate degree into a graduate program or coming back for your master’s after some time away, is, “How am I going to pay for it?” Mars Hill University Adult and Graduate Studies programs maintain a competitive tuition for grad programs.  We do not charge extra fees. We are committed to remaining accessible to our students.

In addition to federal financial aid for which you may qualify, we also offer regional and local financial assistance to eligible students. We have a whole portfolio of scholarships specifically allocated to adult and graduate students. Please reach out to the financial aid office with questions.

Graduate Tuition/Fees

2024-2025 Tuition and Financial Information
Graduate Studies Tuition

(Without federal financial aid)
Master of Arts in Criminal Justice: $496 per credit hour
Master of Arts in Teaching: $496 per credit hour
Master of Education: $496 per credit hour
Master of Management: $19,800 (program total)

Scholarships and Grants

Financial Aid Questions?

Reach our office and your personal financial aid counselor by phone: (828) 689-1123. To contact your counselor via email, click on the appropriate name below.

Students with Last Names beginning with A–J:
Cassandra Buckner

Students with Last Names beginning with K–Z:
Tammy Woody