Department of Social Work

Department of Social Work

The department identifies its primary educational goals as the preparation of students for generalist social work practice and/or graduate studies in social work. Social work students become proficient in core competencies that lead to professional development and competence. The curriculum focuses on the knowledge, values, and skills requisite for generalist practice. Students learn to effectively assist various client systems (to include individual, family, group, community, and organizations). The social work program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

Social Work Program Mission Statement

The Mars Hill University Social Work Program prepares culturally diverse traditional and nontraditional undergraduate students with knowledge and ethical decision making skills that are transferable across geographic and practice settings. The Program fulfills the social work profession’s purpose of promoting well-being across all levels of intervention. Our graduates are ready for competent entry-level generalist practice as well as graduate study.

Competencies & Learning Outcomes

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Dr. Beth Vogler
Chair of the Department of Social Work
(828) 689-1303