Community and Nonprofit Leadership

Community and Nonprofit Leadership (CNL)

Do you envision a future serving your community, making meaningful change, and ultimately, contributing to a better world? Do you have a desire to lead or work with an organization dedicated to these principles? This degree will prepare you with the practical skills and knowledge to make these ideals a reality.

The Community and Nonprofit Leadership major prepares students to work in the private non-profit and public sector as well as graduate study in nonprofit management, social entrepreneurship, community development or public policy. Students will develop their abilities to make positive change in their community, region, and the world, learn to work effectively with people different from themselves, enact principles of social justice, and engage in extensive experiential learning. This interdisciplinary major has courses on sociology, business, working in community/ government organizations and more. It also includes a year-long junior field placement and a significant senior internship.

Community Leadership Minor

The minor in community leadership is an interdisciplinary program in which students gain an understanding of their own special leadership abilities and how to use those abilities to lead in community organizations.