Global Learning, Study Abroad, & Study Away

Global Learning

The university recognizes the importance of global awareness and supports academic programs that emphasize international/intercultural education. Through the General Education sequence of courses, global learning and understanding will be central to the Mars Hill student’s academic experience.

International students are valued highly at the university; international student orientation and advising are important responsibilities of the Director of Global Learning. Information about admission is available at the admissions tab of the university website.

The university also offers an international studies major and minor. Through an interdisciplinary approach, students take courses in a wide range of fields. Moreover, the university offers over 60 courses of a global nature in many different disciplines.

Study Abroad

Mars Hill University values study abroad as an important element of students’ global learning. Through a variety of programs, students can find ample options to study, work, or participate in service learning/volunteering projects in virtually all areas of the world. Faculty-led trips to Nicaragua and Guatemala, and recent service trips to Ecuador and Puerto Rico, highlight the university’s ongoing efforts to provide global travel opportunities for its students. There are opportunities to study in virtually every part of the world! Recent MHU students have studied in Costa Rica, Italy, Japan, Mexico, England, the Netherlands, and Australia to name a few of the countries. For information about studying abroad, please contact Maria Moreno, Director of Global Learning, at 310 Cornwell Hall, 828-689-1191,

Study Away

Since January 2022, Mars Hill University students have a new way to access opportunities to study at other institutions around the globe. The university joined National Student Exchange (NSE), an organization that provides accessible study-away to undergraduate students. The network comprises over 100 schools in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. For those who want to go beyond the study-away institutions and experience a more pronounced change-of-scenery, NSE also gives them access to study-abroad programs in more than 40 countries. For more information, contact Maria Moreno, NSE Campus Coordinator, at 310 Cornwell Hall, 828-689-1191,