AIG (Education)


Program Overview

The MHU Online Academically & Intellectually Gifted Certificate (add-on licensure) is designed to address the needs of current educators who are seeking N.C. Gifted and Talented Specialist certification. This certificate provides additional knowledge and skills in curriculum, instruction, assessment, social support to meet the needs of academically talented students in the candidate’s classrooms. The program is recognized by and accredited by the N.C. Department of Instruction and our national accrediting bodies.

The program provides 4 courses (12-credit sequence) designed specifically for General Education teachers and support teachers who are working with gifted students in the classroom setting.

Candidates will study the foundations and historical aspects of gifted education, characteristics and social aspects of gifted learners, and develop skills and knowledge in curriculum, methods, and assessment/instructional programming to meet the needs of academically talented students. This focused study will enable certificate completers to:

  • Understand the many diverse factors that inform the identification and support of K-12 gifted students so that every gifted child gets the support they need.
  • Create safe, inclusive, and socially / culturally-responsive learning environments that support both the emotional and cognitive learning needs of diverse groups of gifted K-12 students to ensure they feel safe and secure to take risks and fully engage in their own learning.
  • Use assessments to identify gifted and talented students, assess their progress and modify interventions accordingly, and provide summative data on their accomplishments so that program completers can identify strengths and learning needs of each student to develop instruction that is meaningful and justified yet lends itself to the monitoring of students’ learning and growth.
  • Be reflective and use of community resources as well as an on-going professional development to ensure certificate completers are ethical professionals who support and advocate for gifted K-12 students through collaboration with families and colleagues.

Pre-Req. Applicants are required to hold N.C. state-approved teacher certification to be admitted to the program.

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 AIG certificate program is comprised of all online courses.

The courses for this certificate program will be taught by Dr. Chris Cain.

Dr. Cain is a tenured professor in the Education Department at Mars Hill University where he holds the positions of Coordinator of M.Ed. Programs, Integrated Education Program and the AIG program. He earned a B.A. Degree from Mars Hill in Elementary Education, an M.Ed. in Cross-Categorical (Mild and Severe) Special Education from East Tennessee State University and a Doctoral Degree with an ELPA concentration in research design focusing on assistive technology from the University System of Tennessee.  Dr. Cain has published nationally / internationally.

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