Criminal Justice

Certificate in Intelligence Studies

Beginning Spring 2020

This 15-credit certificate program offers students an opportunity to acquire specific skills and knowledge necessary to work within the field of analysis, intelligence, and investigations. This certificate program will expose students to the programs and techniques used in intelligence analysis as well as cover some of the more prominent topics currently being investigated at the local, state, and federal levels.

Requirements and Tuition

Below is a list of the five (5) courses to fulfill the necessary requirements for completion of the Certificate in Intelligence Studies. None of the courses listed below have prerequisites for registration. All of these courses will be offered online.  For traditional students, these courses are covered within the usual financial framework for their semester tuition.  There is not a separate tuition framework for these courses.  For external students, the scheduled credit hour rate will apply.

Required Courses

  • CJ 240 Homeland Security or  CJ 340 Terrorism
  • CJ 350 Open Source Intelligence & Social Media
  • CJ 400 Human Trafficking
  • CJ 425 Cybersecurity & Criminal Justice
  • CJ 435 Basics of Intelligence Analysis

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Dr. Heather Zurburg King, Program Coordinator