Apparel & Interior Merchandising

Fashion Marketing

The Fashion Marketing Major examines fashion as an international, cultural, and economic force. The program provides students with insights into historical fashion, and how these influences show themselves in current trends. Students will examine consumer behavior applied to the purchase of fashion and trend prediction. The program is strongly rooted in the business department, with a focus on business concepts, conceptual thinking, analytical problem solving and creative development. While exploring careers in fashion, students will develop the skills, attributes, and ability to become effective contributors to businesses and organizations.

Program Outcomes:

  • Students will apply broad-based merchandising knowledge in the field of fashion.
  • Students will apply broad-based business knowledge in the functional areas of management and marketing.
  • Students will identify core legal, ethical and sustainability issues in the fashion industry.
  • Students will produce high quality communications materials.
  • Students will use market data to understand and develop strategic opportunities.
  • Students will assess historical and cultural influences on fashion.