Apparel & Interior Merchandising

Fashion Marketing

Fashion is more than what we wear – it influences our homes, furnishings, leisure time, and even the cars we drive. Marketing communicates new product trends and distributes them to the right customers in the right place and at the right time (and at the right price point).  Fashion marketing is the place where fashion and business meet, where finished designs and collections finally come to market. Fashion marketing plays a pivotal role – designs must be communicated to consumers in a way that makes people want to purchase them.

The program at Mars Hill University will provide you with an understanding of historical, sociological, and cultural trends that influence fashion. A degree in Fashion Marketing will prepare you for a career in visual merchandising, events planning and management, marketing research, fashion brand development, promotional planning, or as a fashion buyer and merchandise manager for traditional and online stores. The fashion marketing major combines your love for fashion and your aptitude for business in one practical but exciting major.

Program Outcomes:

  • Students will apply broad-based merchandising knowledge in the field of fashion.
  • Students will apply broad-based business knowledge in the functional areas of management and marketing.
  • Students will identify core legal, ethical and sustainability issues in the fashion industry.
  • Students will produce high quality communications materials.
  • Students will use market data to understand and develop strategic opportunities.
  • Students will assess historical and cultural influences on fashion.


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