Art/Visual Arts Programs

The Bachelor of Fine Arts – Art is an undergraduate degree in the visual arts designed to provide students with a thorough grounding in the knowledge, skills, and dispositions related to a focused area of professional practice in art. The BFA program offers students advanced learning experiences intended to prepare them for entry into professional careers in the visual arts and/or graduate study. Students in the BFA program may select one of two concentrations, Graphic Design/Photography or Ceramics/Sculpture.

The Art Department offers the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Studio Art, Graphic Design, and Art Education. The
Art Department also offers the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communications Design, which combines coursework in Photography, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Animation to prepare students for diverse professional art careers that require skills in today’s technology as well as artistic vision. The BFA is the professional degree in the visual arts. For details, contact the Dr. Rick Cary, Dean of Fine Arts and Professional Programs.