Master of Management Degree
Master of Management Degree

Master of Management – Organizational Leadership Track

(Online; for working professionals)

Master of Management (M.M.) degree with an organizational leadership focus, is a business graduate degree designed to prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and experience to effectively contribute to the management of organizations and enterprises. This business graduate program will prepare students to successfully launch or enhance a career that is meaningful to them within the context of developing a personal brand and attention to career management.


Some commonly asked questions about the Master of Management degree can be found below:

How is the Master of Management different from an M.B.A.?

The Master of Management degree is very similar to an M.B.A. degree. M.M. and M.B.A. programs both offer a comprehensive study of the functional areas of business (management, marketing, finance, economics, accounting) and prepare students for leadership roles in organizations.

Our M.M. is different from a typical M.B.A. program because of its enhanced focus on management and career development. The M.M. program focuses on both quantitative skills and on the soft skills that employers demand (e.g., ability to work with people, emotional intelligence, habits of the mind).

How long does it take to complete the program? When does it begin?

The program can be completed in 22 months. Students focus on one 5-week course at a time.

The program begins Fall Term I (end of August).
*Students may be eligible to begin at various other entry points.

How is this program different from the seated Business Management track?

The online Organizational Leadership track is designed for working professionals who want to prepare themselves to take their next career steps.

What courses will I take?

Courses are designed to give you a foundation in business knowledge and practice with a focus on applicability. Here is a list of MM courses.

What project will I work on?

A significant management project is the capstone experience in the Organizational Leadership track. M.M. students work with faculty mentors to design a project that is valuable to their learning goals and, also, valuable to their organization.

Will I interact with faculty or other students in this program?

Coaching, mentoring, and collaboration are important components of the M.M. program. Even though it is online, students have multiple opportunities to work with faculty and other students.

Is this program flexible if my life gets crazy?

Because courses are offered in 5-week terms, it allows students some flexibility if extenuating circumstances arise. However, taking a term off will likely extend the completion time for the program.

Are there other expenses besides tuition?

Graduate students are responsible for their own textbooks and course materials. Course instructors work very hard to utilize free or low-cost course materials, when possible. Graduate students may be eligible for federal financial aid to help with the cost of tuition and books.

When will I hear something about my application?

Admissions to the M.M. program are made on a rolling basis. However, applications are only considered after all materials are submitted. The application checklist is included near the bottom of the M.M. application form.

*To ensure all of your documents have been received, please contact Carolyn Kuzell,