Religion & Philosophy Program

“Those who have tasted the liberal arts penetrate with their aid far more deeply into the secrets of the divine wisdom.”
-John Calvin (1509-1564), Institutes of the Christian Religion

“Each Christian generation expresses anew the assurance that God is for us . . . . Expressions of faith must partake of more than traditional categories if they are to be creative of community in the world.”
-Marjorie Suchocki (1992), God, Christ, Church

Philosophy is arguably the original academic discipline, whereas the discipline of Religious Studies is one of the time honored components of the modern liberal arts currciulum. At Mars Hill University, the study of both Religion and Philosophy contributes in a vital way to the college's mission to be "an academic community, rooted in the Christian Faith, and grounded in a rigorous study of the liberal arts."

Our majors and minors seek personal and intellectual growth through in-depth critical study of the world's major religious and philosophical traditions.

We offer many different courses, both general surveys and intensive seminars. Topics covered include specific religious traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc.), theological and philosophical subjects (e.g. Modern Philosophy, Business Ethics, etc.), Biblical studies, History and Theology of Christianity, and more.

The Religion major can help students prepare for many different career options. Some Religion majors go on to seminary or to graduate programs in religion. Other graduates have pursued work in a wide variety of fields, including journalism, social services, public health, business, church, recreation, and the list goes on.

The religion minor can support many other different majors at Mars Hill University.

Our students are encouraged to pursue studies across the disciplines. The structure of our major's requirements allow for students to add second majors or minors in other fields with ease.

Most of our courses are also open to non majors. We encourage all students to explore the fascinating world of Religion and Philosophy, the scene of humanity's search for meaning, purpose, and understanding in life.