Natural Sciences

The Department of Natural Sciences prepares students

  • for employment and for graduate and professional programs with direct applications in many fields, particularly botany, zoology, chemistry, conservation, research, and in the health sciences through the athletic training program and the minor in pre-professional studies;
  • to teach biology or chemistry in the secondary school.

Students should add the Pre-professional Studies minor if they plan to attend any health sciences professional or post-baccalaureate program including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physician's assistant, and veterinary science. This minor is most appropriate for biology and chemistry majors. This minor is not available to zoology majors because these courses are included in the major.

Athletic Training

The athletic training major provides skills in the areas of athletic conditioning and treatment of sports-related injuries, and is designed for the student interested in the profession of athletic training. Mars Hill University offers a CAATE-approved, accredited undergraduate entry-level curriculum program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training. The course work and the clinical experiences are designed to stress the theory and practical application of athletic training principles. The curriculum provides the opportunity to meet requirements for the Board of Certification Exam. For information regarding admission criteria to the Athletic Training major, please see the athletic training website.