B.S. Degree in Athletic Training Program Description

A student pursuing this undergraduate entry-level program must complete the athletic training major at Mars Hill University. Competitive admission to this program occurs during the freshman year. Transfers are handled on a case by case basis, but are required to apply to the Athletic Training Education Program. Any students interested in transferring into the Athletic Training Education Program need to contact the Program Director. This program is a 3 year intensive program offering courses and clinical experiences related to the healthcare of athletes and physically active individuals. Further information regarding the domains of Athletic Training can be viewed in the ATEP’s Program Learning Outcomes page.

In order to apply to the Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) all student applicants, including transfers, must demonstrate proof of physical examination and current immunizations (as required by MHU admissions standards), complete an application, and undergo a formal interview by committee members. The application for the Athletic Training Education Program includes the following:

  • Completion of 60 hrs of observation with MHU Athletic Trainers
  • 2.5 overall GPA and 24 credits obtained by the end of the Freshmen year
  • Completion of Athletic Training Education Program Application (available from the Program Director)
  • Formal Interview

Further details on the ATEP and these processes, please contact the Program Director and/or Recruiting and Retention Coordinator.

Completion of this major will assist in the preparation of a student to sit for the Board of Certification (BOC) examination.

The Mars Hill University Athletic Training Education Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE).

Only students currently accepted into the ATEP are enrolled in “AT” prefaced courses.

128 Hours
Students must complete requirements outlined in:

I. General Education Requirements
II. Major Requirements
III. Electives

I. General Education Requirements
Students must complete the Foundations and Perspectives course requirements. General Education Perspectives specified by the major are:

Aesthetics Perspective minimum hours from the options (3)
Global Perspective minimum hours from the options (3)
Humanities Perspective minimum hours from the options/two disciplines (6)
Ideas & Innovations - US PE 333 (3)
Ideas & Innovations - World minimum hours from the options (3)
Natural Science Perspectives minimum hours from the options (4)
Quantitative Reasoning Perspective: minimum hours from the options (3)
Social Science Perspective PSY 111 General Psychology (3)

II. Major Requirements (64 hrs)

BIO 122 Medical Terminology (3)
BIO 134 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (4)
BIO 135 Human Anatomy & Physiology II (4)
BIO 226 Nutrition (3)
AT 220 Safety and Supervision (2)
AT 222 Intro to Athletic Training (2)
AT 223 General Medical Conditions and Pharmacology (3)
AT 271 Athletic Training Practicum I (2)
AT 272 Athletic Training Practicum II (2)
AT 323 Eval/Treatment of Athletic Injuries I (3)
AT 325 Eval/Treatment of Athletic Injuries II (3)
AT 340 Therapeutic Modalities (3)
AT 341 Therapeutic Exercise (3)
AT 371 Athletic Training Practicum III (2)
AT 372 Athletic Training Practicum IV (2)
AT 415 Admin of Athletic Training (3)
AT 427 Senior Seminar (2)
AT 471 Athletic Training Practicum V (2)
AT 472 Athletic Training Practicum VI (2)
PE 329 Kinesiology (4)
PE 330 Physiology of Exercise (4)
PE 333 Sport and Society - I&I US (3)
PE 338 Meas/Eval in Health and PE (3)

III. Electives (21 hrs)

Athletic Training Education Program electives include:

AT 327 Special Topics I (2)
AT 328 Special Topics II (2)

The remainder of the student’s electives hour requirements may be met by completing a second major, a minor, or selected courses of personal interest.

Students who plan to pursue a graduate or doctorate degree in Physical Therapy or other Healthcare Professional settings upon graduation from the MHU ATEP are advised to take the following courses as electives to meet prerequisites for application to these programs. Completion of the following is understood to exceed the requirements for electives for the ATEP. These students may also be referred to the pre-professional minor.

AT 327 Special Topics I (2)
AT 328 Special Topics II (2)
Physics (minimum 8 hours)
Chemistry (minimum 8 hours)
MTH 115 Calculus (5)
MTH 116 Elementary Probability and Statistics (4)

Other courses available as electives within the ATEP:
AT 457, 458 Directed Readings (1-3)
AT 460 Independent Study (1-3)