Academic Programs (Bachelor of Arts)

  • Elementary Education (K - 6th)
  • Special Education (K - 12th)
  • Integrated Education (Elementary Education K - 6th and Special Education K - 12th)
  • ESL English as a Second Language (K - 12th)
  • Middle Grades (6th - 9th) with concentrations in:  Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and/or Social Studies
  • Secondary Education (9th -12th):  English, Mathematics, Science, and/or Social Studies
  • Special Subject Areas (K-12th):  Art Education, Music Education, Physical Education, and Spanish Education

Add-On Licensure Programs

MHU offers "add-on licensure programs" in four areas as listed below.  "Add-On" programs do not require formal admission into TEP if the student is only seeking the "add-on license program" and already has a valid North Carolina teaching license.  Please consult with Adult and Graduate Studies office and the Education Department.

  • Academically and Intellectually Gifted (K - 12th)
  • English as a Second Language (K - 12th)
  • Reading Specialist (K - 12th)
  • Special Education (K - 12th)

Note:  Undergraduate students may elect to complete an "add-on license program" at the same time they are completing their academic program for an initial teaching license.  Please consult with the Education Department for information regarding admission, course prerequisites, and student teaching requirements, if applicable, for the "add-on program".

Licensure-Only Academic Programs

Individuals who have already earned an undergraduate degree, may apply to one of our licensure-only programs as listed below.  Candidates should consult with the Adult and Graduate Studies Office and the Education Department for additional information, admission applications, and admission requirements.  Licensure-Only candidates are not required to take the Praxis I Core Academic Skills Tests.

  • English as a Second Language
  • Art Education
  • Elementary Education (K - 6th)
  • Health and Physical Education (K -12th)
  • Integrated Education
  • Middle-Grades Education (6th - 9th) with concentrations in Language Arts, Math, Science and/or Social Studies
  • Music Education
  • Secondary Education (9th - 12th) with concentrations in English, Math, Science and/or Social Studies
  • Spanish Education
  • Special Education K -12th)

Master of Education in Elementary Education

The M. Ed program is designed for currently licensed teachers seeking to expand professional knowledge and skills in curriculum and instruction at the elementary level.  The program has been redesigned to ensure candidates are prepared for the ever-changing landscape of public education.  The M. Ed. program emphasizes student and teacher achievement through development of research-based competencies in teaching literacy, the Common Core, and 21st Century Skills.  With completion of the 36-hour curriculum, the program leads to the Master's degree in elementary education with a focus on literacy.  This program facilitates the attainment of the revised (2014) National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification for candidates who choose to participate. 

The program is designed to be completed with part-time enrollment for five semesters, with the program rotation beginning in the fall.  All courses are offered as evening or summer classes at the MHU Adult and Graduate Studies' Asheville Center on Airport Road.  To apply or to inquire further about our outstanding program, please contact Samantha Fender, Director of Marketing and Admissions, AGS Office, at (828-689-1126) and/or Dr. Chris Cain, Program Coordinator for M. Ed program at (828-689-1495).