Modern Foreign Languages

Minors: French, Spanish

Description of the Modern Foreign Languages program at Mars Hill University

Students taking Modern Foreign Languages at Mars Hill University study second languages, literatures and cultures in an inviting setting. French and Spanish classes are small and enable students to attain the linguistic skills that are increasingly necessary in our more globally connected world. Closely connected with a rigorous study of the Liberal Arts, students who pursue a minor in our program develop life-long skills that allow them to appreciate and understand the many ways people of other cultures think, live, and communicate. In addition, they attain the fundamental ability to contribute a multilingual perspective to their field of work upon graduation.

Many students at MHU combine a degree in areas like History, Business, Political Science, International Studies, or Biology, with a minor in French or Spanish. They receive excellent preparation for post-graduate work and/or jobs in medicine, international organizations, government, business or law. Likewise, a minor in French or Spanish is seen as increasingly desirable for many employers in today’s job marketplace. Employers are often more likely to hire those with exposure to and experience in a second language, culture, and literature.

Studying abroad is highly recommended for minors in our program. Mars Hill University provides opportunities to study abroad in French and Spanish speaking countries. Faculty members and the study abroad office work closely with the students to find a program that suits their academic as well as financial needs. Recently, students have studied in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Spain.