Majors & Minors,
Academic Divisions, and Departments

Mars Hill University offers 35 majors and 33 minors. Majors are listed alphabetically by degree. Our academic program arranges our departments under four divisions which are listed at the bottom of this page.

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Bachelor of Social Work

Master of Education


  • Art/Graphic Design
  • Art History
  • Art Studio
  • Biological Natural History
  • Biology
  • Business Administration
  • Chemistry
  • Coaching
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • English
  • Environmental Studies
  • French
  • Health and Wellness Promotion
  • History
  • International Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Philosophy/Religion
  • Physical Education
  • Political Science
  • Pre-professional studies (Pre-Med)
  • Psychology
  • Recreation and Leisure Management
  • Regional Studies
  • Religion
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Sport Management
  • Theatre Arts
  • Webmaster
  • Women's Studies

Academic Divisions and Departments

Division of Fine Arts

  • Department of Art
  • Department of Music
  • Department of Theatre Arts

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Department of History, Religion and Philosophy
  • Department of Language & Literature
  • Department of Social Sciences

Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Department of Natural Sciences

Division of Professional Programs

  • Department of Business Administration
  • Department of Criminal Justice
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
  • Department of Social Work

School of Nursing