Campus Life

Temporary Disabilities

Disability Services recognizes that individuals with temporarily disabling conditions that are a result of injuries, surgery, or short-term medical conditions may need access to services and resources similar to those needed by individuals with permanent disabilities. Examples of temporary disabilities may include, but are not limited to: broken limbs, hand injuries, concussions, or short term impairments following surgery or medical treatments.

The student should submit a Temporary Disability Accommodations Request Form to the Disability Services Coordinator to ask for accommodations for a temporary disability. The form and/or supporting documentation should indicate the type of disability, severity, limitations, prognosis, and estimated duration of the disabling condition. It is also helpful to know any adverse side effects caused by medication and recommendations for accommodations.  Supporting professional documentation may be required and should be recent enough to identify current limitations. Additional documentation may be requested to verify the need for continued services after the estimated duration of the condition has expired.

The student should contact the Disability Services Coordinator to review the available documentation of the temporary disability and discuss possible accommodation needs. The coordinator will advise the student if any additional documentation will be required prior to setting up accommodations, as well as share information on potential resources.