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breathing room

The Breathing Room is your place on campus to reflect, renew and to learn techniques to reduce stress. We offer three yoga and meditation classes a week to the whole campus community, and provide an open, quiet space for reflection. Join us to learn and practice simple techniques that you can use anywhere. Most classes are small (4-8 people) and are open to all levels from complete beginners to advanced practitioners.

Mars Hill University Breathing Room
Marshbanks Hall, Room 101

All members of the MHU community are ALWAYS welcome
Suggested donation for classes: $3-5

Questions? Contact Jonna Kwiatkowski

Spring 2020 Schedule*

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation: Monday 12:00-12:30pm

Back to Basics: Wednesday 3:00-4:00pm

Finding Space Through Breath: Friday 11:30am-12pm

*All classes follow the academic calendar, for example, back to basics will not meet the Monday of spring break.