Title IX

Informal Resolution

Informal Resolution is a voluntary, non-judicial process designed to address alleged sexual misconduct. This process is separate from a formal investigation and both parties must voluntarily submit a signed Informal Resolution Request to the Title IX Coordinator in order to participate. The process assures equitable balance of power between all parties, and communication between the parties is facilitated by the Title IX Coordinator.

If all parties agree to a resolution, the Title IX Coordinator must approve the resolution. An approved resolution deems the original complaint officially resolved. The official resolution will be considered binding and any violation of the resolution will give rise to a new complaint and possible sanctions. Parties can, at any time, withdraw from the informal process prior to an official resolution being reached and re-enter the formal investigation.

Interested in Informal Resolution? Download the Informal Resolution Form and submit it via email or in-person (Nash 210) to the Title IX Coordinator. For more questions regarding the Informal Resolution Process please contact Title IX Coordinator Jennie Matthews (office: Nash 209, phone: 828-689-1197, email: jmatthews@mhu.edu).