Alpha Chi

Alpha Chi National College Honor Society at MHU

At MHU, juniors and seniors with GPA in the top 10% of their class are invited to join Alpha Chi in the fall semester.  Those who accept are inducted into the chapter in the fall.  Our chapter organizes service and social gatherings each semester.  Some of our recent events include:

  • Signing and delivering Christmas cards to residents of the Mars Hill Retirement Community
  • Seeing the movie Hidden Figures together and then discussing the historical relevance with Dr. David Gilbert from the history department
  • Hosting a trivia night open to all students on campus
  • Putting together and distributing programs for the opening session of SLAM

In addition, students may enter papers to represent our chapter in national scholarship competitions.  Further, students may also attend the national convention.  It is held in different cities each year.  Previous locations include Washington DC; Louisville, KY; Portland, OR.  Students can use this opportunity to present their research to an audience of scholars from across the country while also exploring a new location.  For more information about the Mars Hill University chapter of Alpha Chi, please contact Dr. Laura Steil (email:

“Having the opportunity to travel to Portland, OR with Alpha Chi was a great experience. With the Mars Hill chapter being so small, it is sometimes hard to get perspective on what being a member of Alpha Chi means. Being able to see the work that other members of Alpha Chi are doing nation wide was very valuable in gaining this perspective, because I was able to see that Alpha Chi is an elite group of individuals who will make a great impact on the world. I was further gifted by having the chance to present my own work, an experience that was very meaningful to me. As an added bonus, the city of Portland was just gorgeous. Alpha Chi members should take advantage of the opportunity to grow and learn by attending the National Alpha Chi Conference. ”

–Danielle Dunn

“Members of Alpha Chi come from all over: from every race, gender, and culture, yet are bonded by a lifetime scholarly commitment to the passion of learning. It is so much bigger than I could have ever imagined; it isn’t just a group of smart students at Mars Hill, but a web of students from all over the United States that come together each year at the National Convention to tell their stories, share their plans for successful futures, and exchange knowledge from all disciplines of study. The National Convention helped broaden my knowledge and let me explore a new place. I loved being in Portland and am actually thinking about incorporating the city into my future endeavors as a Mars Hill grad. Joining Alpha Chi and going to the National Convention have been some of my best decisions of my college career. ​”

–Courtney Jo Simpkins