Emergency Protocols

MHU Emergency Protocols

Emergency Notification and Emergency Call Boxes

The Mars Hill University Director of Communications maintains a campus-wide emergency notification system. This system is activated during an emergency or during other hazardous events such as a hazardous weather condition event and notification is made via global e-mail and text messaging. Messages concerning emergency conditions can also be posted on the university web site.

Mars Hill University has strategically placed emergency call boxes across the campus. If you don’t have a cell phone, you can reach campus security quickly, through the emergency telephone call boxes installed across the campus. For a map of the locations of the emergency call boxes, please click on the link below:

View: Map of emergency call box locations

Emergency Siren: A full three (3) minute blast is the warning for emergency weather conditions. Stay in your building to shelter in place, moving away from windows to the lowest point in the building. Remain there until you hear three (3) short, half-minute bursts. Emergency notification of relevant information will also be communicated by email, text, and telephone to the university population.


MHU Missing Student Protocols

Federal statute under the Higher Education Act of 2008 requires institutions that both participate in any federal higher education programs and maintain on-campus housing establish a missing student notification policy. The MHU policy focuses on locating and assisting the missing student. MHU defines a student as missing when he/she is absent from the university without any known reason for a period of 24 hours. Every member of the university community (faculty, staff and students) remains responsible for the timely reporting of any missing or suspected missing student. Missing or suspected missing students should be reported to Campus Security at 828-689-1230. Campus security will conduct a preliminary investigation and notify both internal and external stakeholders, including applicable local, state and federal authorities as required. If the missing student is under 18 years of age, Campus security is required to notify the parent or guardian of the student no later than 24 hours after the student is determined to be missing. Students shall have the opportunity to identify an individual to be contacted by the university in case the student goes missing. MHU will utilize the confidential emergency contact number listed in university records system if no other number is provided.

Active Shooter Protocols

In the unlikely event of an active shooter situation on campus, the Department of Safety and Security will assist responding first responders and law enforcement agencies in mitigating the event. Emergency notification of relevant information will also be communicated by email, text, and telephone to the university population. You should follow the instructions of personnel assigned to the facility you are in. Follow the basic tenets of “Run, Hide and Fight” to survive the event. For additional information on active shooter response, click on the links below:

View: FBI active shooter event quick reference guide

MHU Emergency Response Plan

The MHU Department of Safety and Security in conjunction with the MHU Crisis Response and Emergency Management Committee is responsible for developing, updating and exercising an all hazards emergency response plan.