Drug Free Campus

Drug-Free Campus


Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary Sanctions

Mars Hill University strictly prohibits the use or possession of alcohol and/or illegal drugs on the university campus for both students and employees.

Mars Hill University provides the following sanctions for the use of alcohol on the university campus. These sanctions are stated in the Mars Hill University Student Handbook and the Mars Hill University Faculty & Staff Handbooks, as appropriate.

The selling, transfer, possession, use or collection of alcoholic beverages or containers on the campus is prohibited. This includes off-campus parties sponsored by campus organizations. Infractions will cause sanctions up to and including the possibility of suspension. The university has a policy against the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, or use of illegal and/or controlled substances. Students found guilty through the campus judicial process will be suspended for no less than 1 year and may be subject to expulsion.

These policies are outlined for the university population in the student handbook, the staff handbook, and the faculty handbook. These policies should be taken seriously as violations of them will result in prompt disciplinary action.

Drug/Alcohol Treatment

Mars Hill University has a multi-faceted approach to substance abuse. The first level involves referral for personal counseling coupled with alcohol and substance abuse education offered on campus by the Director of Counseling.

In addition to the on-campus educational programming, the institution works with New Vistas and Mission Health System (Copestone). The university’s health insurance plan also provides Substance Abuse Services.

The university also schedules alcohol and substance abuse programs that are attended on a voluntary basis. The programs are scheduled through the semester and are organized by the Office of Student Development Counseling Center. Additional substance abuse education may be provided for the campus population through health fairs sponsored by the university infirmary.