Outdoor Center

The Outdoor Center / Campus Recreation

Get Out and Play!

The mission of the Mars Hill University Outdoor Center is to encourage all students, regardless of experience level, to enjoy the university’s unique location in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and to assist students in learning and continually improving their leadership, teamwork, communication and safety skills in the outdoors.

Within one hour of Mars Hill, you can be:

  • at the top of the highest mountain east of the Rockies
  • at any one of ten waterfalls paddling white water
  • hiking the Appalachian Trail
  • downhill skiing
  • screaming down a mountain on a bicycle at 45 miles per hour
  • (or assaulting that same mountain at 7 miles per hour!)
  • in a meadow of wildflowers at 5000 feet
  • camping in an infinite variety of scenarios
  • engaging in a race event in your favorite sport
  • testing the limits of your abilities
  • finding solitude for hours on end in the woods, or
  • meeting people from all over the world who love to do the same.