Campus Life

Crime Prevention

Campus Security officers patrol the campus to assure a high level of physical security. As a regular part of their patrol duties, they look for any safety problems such as defective lighting, inoperative doors or locks, and any other conditions which might detract from one's personal well being. All such conditions can be reported, in writing or by phone, to the Facilities Department at 689-1246 for correction or please call Campus Security at 689-1230.

Your efforts will greatly add to or detract from our efforts to keep criminal activity at the lowest possible level on campus.


DO report all crimes and/or suspicious activities to the Campus Security Department as soon as possible at 689-1230.
DO register your car with the department.
DO protect your personal property just as you would money.
DO call Campus Security if you are being stalked or harassed. If you are a victim of a crime, don't touch anything, call 689-1230 immediately.
DO preserve all evidence of a crime. This includes your person if you are a victim of sexual assault. Do not bathe, brush your teeth, go to the restroom or change your clothes.
Do register all your valuables with the department on the form provided at registration or call 689-1230 for assistance.
DO call us for a personal escort.
DO attend the Director of Safety and Security's annual Safety and Security presentations.
DO mark your property such as tape recorders, calculators, radios, etc., with some form of identification number, such as your (North Carolina) driver's license number. We will be glad to assist you in marking and photographing your property.


DON'T leave books, jewelry, purses, wallets, backpacks or other valuables unattended for any length of time.
DON'T leave personal property in a locker unattended without locking it. DON'T leave your dorm room unlocked.
DON'T leave purses in desks or file cabinets unattended unless the cabinet or desk is locked.
DON'T leave valuables on a chair behind you while at a study carrel.
DON'T walk alone after dark……THINK.

Remember…by always protecting your property, you reduce the opportunity for a thief to commit a crime.