Frequently Asked Questions:

Who do I call if I need help?

Sarah Burnette is happy to help you navigate your academic journey.  Feel free to reach out to her anytime by phone: 828-689-1356or email: sarah_burnette@mhu.edu. You may also explore the Mars Hill University website for answers to many of your questions, locate services and find available resources.  

Is Financial Aid available for Adult and Graduate students?

To find out if you qualify for federal loans and grants, you must fill out the FAFSA. AGS also has scholarships specifically designated for our adult undergraduate and graduate students. The descriptions and the scholarship application can be found on the AGS Financial Aid page.

In addition, we have agreements for tuition discounts with community partners and businesses. Ask our AGS admissions counselor, Carolyn Kuzell ckuzell@mhu.edu, for more information.

How do I get my textbooks and course materials?

Textbooks are included in the tuition cost for undergraduate courses. Textbooks are provided to students on a rental basis and must be returned at the end of the term—unless students wish to purchase them. Many online courses use digital course materials; other course materials are shipped to AGS students. Pick-up/delivery details will be provided at the beginning of each term. Graduate students are responsible for purchasing their own course materials.

For more information, please call Karla at the bookstore at 828-689-1412 or email kchandler@mhu.edu..

Will I need a parking sticker?

Any AGS students who plan to come to campus for classes need to register their vehicle and obtain a parking permit at no cost. Online students who wish to come to campus periodically to access services may park in guest parking lots (Ammons Field House or Ponder Field) without a permit.

Will I need immunization records?

Any AGS student enrolled in an on-campus class that begins before 5:00 pm is required by North Carolina state law to present an adequate immunization record.  Students taking exclusively online or evening courses are not required to present an immunization record.

How do I register for classes each semester?

Your first semester at MHU, you will register through the admissions office. Each semester afterward, in consultation with your advisor, you will register for classes online, through Self-Service.

Where will my classes be held?

Please check Self-Service immediately prior to the beginning of class for the most updated room assignments. Online classes are accessed through Moodle. 

What happens in the event of bad weather?

Inclement weather may make it unsafe for students and instructors to travel to evening classes on campus.  When this occurs, the university may cancel classes. Notification will generally be sent out no later than 4:00 PM, though changing weather conditions may necessitate a later notification. Students should remain in contact with their instructor by phone, email, and Moodle during such events.

Cancellations will be:

  1. Aired on WLOS-TV (Channel 13)
  2. Announced by phone through REGROUP, the university’s emergency notification system
  3. Posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages

Do I have the same access to Student Services as a traditional student?

As an AGS student, in person or online, you will have access to all the same resources and privileges as traditional students including:

  • The Mars Hill University Writing Center, located both online and in Renfro Library, offers free writing tutoring for all MHU students and can provide assistance at all stages of the writing process, from pre-writing to revising final drafts, on any writing assignment for any class!  
  • To schedule a tutoring session, students should use the new Penji scheduling system at this link: web.penjiapp.com. We offer tutoring by appointment as well as drop-in tutoring on Zoom and in the Writing Center. Email flopez@mhu.edu or writingcenter@mhu.edu if you have trouble scheduling an appointment. Check out the Writing Center website for updated hours, FAQ’s, and help! 
  • The MHU Math Center, located both online and in Renfro Library – Mindspace 215B, offers free assistance with assignments for math courses.  Please bring your assignment, class notes, and work you have started on to complete the assignment.  Peer tutors will be happy to help students with their questions.
  • To schedule a tutoring session, students should use the new Penji scheduling system at these links: mobile apps (iOS and Android) and webapp (web.penjiapp.com). We offer tutoring by appointment as well as drop-in tutoring on Zoom and socially distanced in-person tutoring in the Math Center.  Email kjamerson@mhu.edu. or mathcenter@mhu.edu if you have trouble scheduling an appointment.
  • MHU Counseling Center services—Located in the Student Health Center, located on the first floor of Nash). Call 828-689-1196 or email counseling@mhu.edu.
  • The Cothran Center for Career Readiness has a mission to help every student build the foundation for a meaningful life and career, ensuring they are prepared to successfully navigate the job market.   
  • The Center for Religious and Spiritual Life offers a safe place for students to share what is going on in their lives, and to help students, faculty, and staff integrate faith and learning. Contact Rev. Stephanie McLeskey at 828-689-1299 or smcleskey@mhu.edu.
  • Renfro Library offers services both on campus and digitally.  Visit the Library home page to access resources, video chat with a librarian, or to watch tutorial videos.  For more information, contact library-staff@mhu.edu.
  • Taylor Fitness Center is available to all students.  For more information, call 828-689-1243.
  • AGS students may attend all athletics events, at no charge by showing their student ID.


Sarah Burnette
Adult and Graduate Studies
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 828-689-1356
Email: sarah_burnette@mhu.edu