Payment Plans

Mars Hill University Payment Plan Options:

We are happy to announce a new payment plan program through Mars Hill University.  Payment plans are now available exclusively online through self-service, Students must have set up “person proxy”  in order for a parent or guardian to log into self service and make a payment. Instructions for students are in the next section of this page.

  • Plans are offered each semester and are available exclusively online.
  • $25.00 non-refundable set up fee is paid with the first payment per semester.
  • Pay with electronic check, debit or credit card.
  • Pending financial aid will be deducted from the payment plan amount.

Effective October 14, 2019, there will be a nonrefundable bank convenience fee of 2.5% for debit/credit card payments. Electronic checks are free. Due to PCI bank requirements, MHU is unable to process credit/debit card payments made over the phone.

Plan Options for Fall 2024
5-Month offered   July 1 – Aug. 1
3-Month offered   August 2 – Oct. 1

Plan Options for Spring 2025
5 month offered  Dec. 1 – Feb. 1
3 month offered  January 2 – March 1

Students may enter into a payment plan to pay tuition and fees during these time frames.

Payments can be made using a checking account or debit/credit card. The first payment is due when the payment plan is written. Failure to make timely payments will result in the payment plan being cancelled and the amount will be due immediately.   There is a $50 non-sufficient fund charge for returned items.

Payment plans are adjusted when you add/drop classes or are awarded financial aid.

Charges incurred after the payment plan is completed, are the responsibility of the student and are due immediately.

For Students:

We now have Person Proxy set up in our self-service portal, This will allow you to give parents and or guardians access to log into your account and make payments online.

Please email to get this set up. We will need the following information sent to us from your MHU email account for the person you wish to grant proxy to:

  • Name (of the parent or guardian you wish to grant proxy to)
  • Email Address (This must be correct)
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number

After we have set up the person proxy you have granted, we will email you to log into self-service and view the option to add a proxy.

Follow the instructions attached to give complete or limited access to your proxy. You must select the box to authorize the disclosure agreement and click to save update.

If you have any questions about this new feature in self-service please give us a call 828-689-1109.

International Payments

Mars Hill University has partnered with PayMyTuition for international tuition payments. With PayMyTuition, you can pay your tuition payments from any bank, in any country in any currency at better than bank exchange rates. PayMyTuition is fast, simple, and cost effective.

Additional Information on PayMyTuition:

How to make a payment – step-by-step PDFs:

PayMyTuition customer support information

Call 1.855.663.6839 (toll-free) or through one of their local country contact numbers. You can also reach PayMyTuition Support at or through their support page.

No matter what time zone you are in, you will have a dedicated customer support team available to you through live chat, email and phone to answer any of your questions and help you make your payment.

Helpful Tips for Setting Up Proxy and Payment Plan: