Weather Updates

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

As you may be aware, all of our surrounding North Carolina counties are under a Winter Storm Warning for the possibility of accumulating ice and sleet. Please be careful in the morning as we have the possibility of slick sidewalks and roads. Should the weather have an impact on MHU schedules, we will notify you via the emergency notification system of text/email/phone and via the website and social media.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

The events affecting MHU are likely to begin this evening (Saturday, September 15) and continue throughout the day tomorrow (Sunday, September 16). Rain is likely Monday but diminishing.

Starting tonight will see potentially heavy rain up to several inches, depending on where Mars Hill is with regard to the moving systems. This system has weakened as it moved across North and South Carolina, so the winds should not be tropical storm force, but will be noticeable. Localized thunderstorms could create short duration high winds. If we get inches of rain the chances of trees down, flash flooding and mudslides exists in Madison County, therefore please be cautious if you leave campus. We may have some building flooding in heavy rain but our Facilities team has been working all week to sandbag and shore up some of the likely areas. If we were to have extended power outage (which is a remote yet unprecedented possibility) Pittman dining hall is ready to serve as shelter and has contingency to feed students as needed.

Again, be cautious if you venture out once the heavy rains start. Thanks for your attention and thanks for the teamwork to get us through this as yet unknown impact on MHU event.

Kevin West
Security Director 

September 12, 2018

Students, Faculty, and Staff,

We know you’re all keeping an eye on the potential for bad weather as Hurricane Florence gets closer to shore, and wondering what that could mean for us, this far from the coast. The answer is: we don’t know, at this point. Weather forecasters say the greatest potential for impact on Western North Carolina appears to begin on Sunday. But estimates of the amount of rain and wind expected for our region vary greatly, and depend on the track the storm takes once it moves over land.

So, for now, Mars Hill University continues on a regular class schedule. Some individual events, including a few of our “away” athletics games, have been or may be canceled or rescheduled. Our Incident Response Team is closely monitoring the weather situation as it continues to unfold, and we’ll make schedule adjustments, if needed.

Pittman Dining Hall is well stocked, and the university is able ready  to maintain shelter and food for students, should the storm bring power outages that impact the campus.

For students who are from coastal areas (actually, for all of you), please know there are resources on campus to help you as you deal with the stress of being away from loved ones who may be in the path of the storm.

While many of you may have been through a storm like this in the past, we know that being away from family creates a different kind of stress.

Please know that the entire MHU administration is working to be sure that campus is safe and you have resources available to support you, including the following:

Counseling Center

  • Cassie Pavone                  828-689-1196

Wellness Center

  • Stephanie Shelton          828-689-1243

Chaplain’s Office

  • Andrew Hoots                   828-689-1664
  • Stephanie McLeskey      828-689-1299

Center for Student Success

  • Lisa Wachtman                                828-689-1480
  • Darryl Hylton                    828-689-1481
  • Ryan Bell                            828-689-1381

Student Development Office

  • Jacque Ballard                 828-689-1253
  • Mindy Bliss                         828-689-1253
  • DeAndre Howard             828-689-1406
  • Jerel McDaniel                  828-689-1504
  • Kevin Trudell                     828-689-1409

Graduate Area Coordinators

  • Alex Garand                       828-689-1415
  • Iesha Gilliam                     828-689-1536
  • Leah Murphy                     828-689-1447
  • Brandon Rice                    828-689-1537

Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

  • Alaysia Hackett                                828-689-1508

Campus Security

  • Kevin West                         828-689-1585
  • Denise Griffin                     828-689-1388

Student Support Services

  • Weston Burgess               828-689-1465