Lion’s Pledge to the Pride

The Lion’s Pledge to the Pride

With different variants of COVID-19 still present, our University is continuing to take precautions in order to keep us healthy on the hill.  Please review the following:

 Before coming to campus, I pledge to:

  • Monitor for any symptoms of the virus at least 14 days prior to arrival
  • Seek medical assistance if I experience any such symptoms and immediately notify Mars Hill University Wellness Center of a positive test for the virus
  • Reduce potential exposure by implementing the following efforts at least 14 days prior to arrival: avoiding large crowds, maintaining a social distance of 6 feet, washing hands often, and not knowingly coming into contact with a person who has tested positive with the virus

Upon coming to campus, I pledge to:

  • Follow the measures implemented by Mars Hill University and discussed in the MHU Student Guide for COVID19 to protect myself and others from contracting the virus
  • Actively participate in the required trainings and pay attention to any policy changes communicated by Mars Hill as the pandemic regulations shift and evolve
  • Minimize visitors and mitigate risks while off-campus by following good health practices, including social distancing, mask use where appropriate, and hand hygiene
  • If I experience any symptoms, isolating as much as possible and seeking the assistance of Mars Hill University Wellness Center; following quarantine and isolation directives, as particularly noted on the completed jotform, until I am diagnosed and/or cleared
  • Respect members of our community who may be at higher risk compared to my own and help hold my friend group accountable to our promise to the community
  • Follow COVID guidelines that are outlined in the Return to Campus memo

I understand that even though the University is taking precautions to reduce the risks of COVID-19 on campus, I can never be completely shielded from risk of illness caused by the virus, and everyone in our campus community, including me, shares the responsibility of keeping our community healthy. I acknowledge my personal effort is vital to a successful semester and school year, and I commit to upholding my pledge to fellow Lions as outlined above and on our website when choosing to return and participate in campus life.

If you are aware of a situation or witness someone not upholding the Lion’s Pledge, you may choose to report that here. This information will be reviewed by HR and/or Student Life to determine next steps.