TPS - MHU Staff

Dr. Tom Destino

TPS Director

Tom Destino is the director of the TPS program at Mars Hill University and a professor of Teacher Education at MHU. He completed his Ph.D. in 1994 from The Ohio State University in Second and Foreign Language Education and is a strong proponent of primary source teaching and learning and has been active in professional development for teachers throughout his career.

AnneMarie Walter

TPS Assistant Director

AnneMarie Walter is the assistant director of the TPS program at Mars Hill University and has been involved with helping pre-service and in-service teachers use primary sources since 2001. With a background in professional development and instructional technology, she has been involved in all aspects of the program, developing and implementing workshops in schools and on the MHU campus as well as writing and distributing an eNewsletter. From 2003 to the present, Ms. Walter has selected, mentored and accompanied teachers to state and regional conferences to present their exemplary learning objects. She received her M.S. in Instructional Technology from East Carolina University in 2007, with a certification in Distance Learning.

TPS - Mars Hill Advisory Board

The TPS program at Mars Hill will continue to draw upon the talents of other members of the Western North Carolina educational community. Polly Johnson, former middle school social studies teacher and now MHU history instructor provides feedback on pending projects, contributes learning activities and assists with the occasional K12 workshop. Ms. Johnson's history classes have always included primary sources from the Library of Congress, modeling TPS methods to pre-service teachers.

Caryn Levy and VIcki Kolomechuk, Buncombe County school library media specialists, serve as TPS Coaches. In addition to facilitating TPS workshops and presenting their work at state and regional conferences, they serve as TPS Coaches to their peers and to the teachers in their schools.

Disclaimer: Content created and featured in partnership with the TPS program does not indicate an endorsement by the Library of Congress.