MHU Strategic Plan 2012-17

Strategic Plan Summary Cover Fall 2012

It is with great excitement that I introduce the Strategic Plan for the next five years of Mars Hill College, a plan that will provide the roadmap for the transformation to Mars Hill University.

Strategic Plan 2012-17 builds on the success achieved in the previous strategic plan and other initiatives, the completion of which strengthened Mars Hill in four distinct areas: significantly increased revenue streams, strengthened academic programming, restructured student development division, and enhanced employee compensation.

As Mars Hill enters its 156th year, the institution and its citizens (employees, trustees, and students) can reflect on these recent achievements with pride and gratefulness. All these enhancements have laid a solid foundation from which we can now build. This new strategic plan is constructed from a position of strength, which is significant given the very troubled and unsettled environment higher education is currently experiencing. We recognize that Mars Hill should strive to do more than merely remain viable. It must expand and provide services in a variety of ways that will appeal to potential students and donors.

From this strength, we transition into university status with an even stronger vision for the institution. This new strategic plan greatly expands and enhances all aspects of the institution by clearly focusing on students and all their experiences; emphasizing the human capital of its employees; enhancing resources and elevating the institution to a level never achieved previously. The new plan emphasizes a partnership with the community, alumni, and friends of the institution. The successful completion of this plan will allow Mars Hill to be recognized unmistakably as the premier private university in the region.

Dr. Dan Lunsford ‘69

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