Financial Aid (AGS)

Financial Aid Processing for AGS Students


Student loans are processed once the drop date has passed for a student being enrolled at least 6 hours.

  • Example 1: A student who is registered for 12 hours (6 first session and 6 second session), their student loans will be processed after the drop date for first session, as federal guidelines state a student must be enrolled for 6 hours to receive student loans.
  • Example 2: A student who is registered for 12 hours (3 first session and 9 second session), their student loans will be processed after the drop date for second session. This is due to 6 hours not being met until after the drop date of the second session.
  • Example 3: A student who is registered for at least 6 hours which all fall in the full session will have their student loans processed after the full session drop date.
    • Pell grants are processed after the last drop date that will not affect a student’s enrollment status.
    • Example: A student who is registered for 12 hours as a FULL TIME student (6 first session and 6 second session), their Pell will be processed after the drop date for second session. Federal Pell grants are based on credit hours enrolled, therefore, if this student were to drop any of the second session hours their enrollment would change from full time to at least three quarter time. This would change the amount of the student’s Pell grant. If the student received a refund prior to the drop date and their enrollment changed, this student would not only owe the funds back to the institution, they would also be flagged by the Department of Education as having a Pell Overpayment which will interfere with them ever receiving federal aid at any institution until this overpayment is taken care of.
    • North Carolina Need Based Scholarships are processed much the same way as the Federal Pell grant, as far as drop dates. The only difference with the NC money, is once the school has certified the funds with the state, we are not given a date as to when the funds will be sent to the institution. The earliest we can certify these grants is the last day to add a class for the second session. This too is based on the number of credits a student is enrolled for. So even if a student is only enrolled in first or full session classes we can’t certify until the last day to add for second session. This is due to the fact if the student adds a class in second session, this could affect the amount the student receives in NC$.

Federal Aid

Federal Aid includes the Federal Pell Grant and the Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Loans. To determine your eligibility you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for each academic year. The FAFSA can be completed online at The school code for Mars Hill University is 002944. If you are enrolled for at least 12 hours per semester, you may be eligible for maximum benefits. The amount of the Federal Pell Grant is dependent upon the number of hours for which you are enrolled each semester. To qualify for a Federal Stafford Loan, you must be enrolled for at least 6 hours per semester.

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships available through Mars Hill University:

HOUGH, John & Beverly – This scholarship is awarded to students who have been formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program. Recipients must exhibit academic achievement and financial need. Recipients must maintain a 3.0 GPA and be enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester hours. First priority for this award will go to descendents of John and Lillian Hough, Sr. and Gary and Jo Nance, and second to citizens of Madison County, NC. This scholarship is not renewable but a student can reapply each year to be considered once again for the scholarship.

RAPP/LATHROP (Widowed Persons Scholarship) – This scholarship is for students who are widowed, divorced or a single parent looking to continue their education. Student must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours. This scholarship is not renewable but a student can reapply each year to be considered once again for the scholarship.

WINN ACCESS SCHOLARSHIP – This scholarship will be awarded to adult students, older than usual college age that are working on a degree and carrying a minimum of 12 semester hours. Financial need is a consideration and students must maintain a 3.0 GPA, as well as demonstrate career attainment and potential. This scholarship is not renewable but a student can reapply each year to be considered once again for the scholarship.

BUCHANAN, James D. and Patricia C. – This scholarship is for adult students in good academic standing who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in the Adult and Graduate Studies program.

WHITLEY, Esstoya Education Scholarship – This scholarship is for Adult and Graduate Studies students who exhibit financial need and are either (1) an undergraduate Education major in the AGS program or (2) an AGS Education graduate student.

FRENCH BROAD ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION – Must be either a member of French Broad EMC or must be a dependent of a French Broad EMC member for one year prior to applying for the scholarship. Membership will be verified.

Scholarship Application Deadline for Fall– September 1st, 2020

Other scholarship opportunities:

COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF HENDERSON COUNTY-Academic scholarships are open to students pursuing community college, college or university degrees. Scholarships are primarily for students who are graduating or have graduated from high schools within Henderson County, N.C., and include home school and private school graduates. Students must apply for this scholarship directly through the Community Foundation Scholarship Page.

ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA SCHOLARSHIP – Any student at an institution that has an Alpha Sigma Lambda Chapter and who has achieved the following criteria may apply (Student does not have to be a member of the local Alpha Sigma Lambda chapter to apply):

  • Completed 24 semester hours (45 quarter hours) of graded coursework at this institution. (Not including transfer credits)
  • Achieved a grade point average of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale on all work taken at this institution
  • Is enrolled in an associate’s or baccalaureate degree program at this institution
  • Has a financial need for assistance to complete the degree

Application packets are available HERE. Completed application packets are generally due by the end of April. Exact deadline dates are determined each year and will be noted in the application materials. Only Chapter Councilors may forward application packets to the Home Office after verifying your GPA, completed hours at the institution, and other required information. You may not forward your own packets.

Students should also check with their employers about other scholarship opportunities and tuition reimbursement.