Student Athlete Medical Clearance and information

If you are an incoming student athlete on a team roster, additional medical information and clearance will be required.

You will need to upload documents to SportsWare Online (SWOL).  You may do this by clicking here: You will use your MHU username and password for this. Please use Single Sign On (in) SSO  with your MHU username and password to log into SWOL .

It is important to complete all fields in your SWOL account and complete the following:

  • Upload vaccination record
  • Upload Hemoglobin Solubility Test Results to confirm your Sickle Cell Trait status (new  student athletes)
  • Upload completed Medical History and Pre-participation Physical Exam form  (In addition to the medical form provided to MHU Student Health Services)
  • Complete the SWOL online Covid-19 form
  • Upload a copy of your Covid-19 vaccination record

The Medical History and Physical Exam forms should be downloaded, printed, and taken to your medical provider for completion. All athletes should receive their preparticipation physical examination to be medically cleared for sports participation by their primary care physician if available.

Please  contact Allen Shelley with questions concerning medical clearance or the COVID-19 vaccine.