Academic Internships


Mars Hill’s Job Services System

To apply for an internship, you must first download theĀ Internship Application Page, fill out the required information and get all necessary signatures. The Application Page must be turned into the Cothran Center before the last day for registration and schedule adjustments. You should also bring a Variable course add form signed by your advisor to the Cothran Center. We will sign it once the application page is turned in to us, and it will be used by the registrar to add the correct course code and credit hours to your schedule. The course add form should be obtained from your advisor and/or faculty supervisor.

Once you have confirmedĀ  your internship placement, complete theĀ Internship Learning Contract and bring a copy to the Cothran Center, with the Internship Application form and course add form, before registration of the internship for academic credit. The learning contract is intended primarily to ensure that an intern understands his/her learning goals, the expectations of both faculty and agency supervisor, and the methods of assessment that will be used to test successful completion of the internship.

A student earns one semester hour of internship credit for every 37.5 contact hours with the agency, plus 6.25 discussion hours with the faculty supervisor. Typically this averages out to between three and three-and-a-half hours of internship time spent per week,